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  1. awesome! thnx a lot for the clarification! Makes sense now
  2. hmm that's good to know, though the rules reference is entirely clear on that but would make more sense fielding r2 separate otherwise it would have been a unit consisting of 3PO and r2 instead of an upgrade
  3. According to the text on 3POs card you should always include him right? Counterpart R2D2: While building an army this mini must be added to an R2D2 unit.. hence, once you field R2 you automatically have to field 3PO as well. You cannot field 3PO separately though.
  4. R2 also needs to include 3PO as a mandatory upgrade
  5. you also need to buy 3Po with R2D2, you can only field them together.
  6. does anyone know when the Season 4 operations will be posted online?
  7. if you take the approach as set out by Magnus Grendel you will be 1 point over the total unfortunately :S
  8. Hi All, have been toying around with the below list, any comments or tips? Rear Admiral Chirneau Dauntless title, Palpatine Captain Oicun Intimidation, Darth Vader, Veteran Turret Gunner
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