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  1. exactly. I play games for the story, gameplay, the atmosphere. Not the difficulty level.
  2. I think the normal difficulty mode should give you a possibility to replay a mission after failing (or at least, just the missions that end the campaign) and the hard should be as it is right now.
  3. I would love an expansion with new battle map tiles and more characters
  4. thanks. But I can attack an adjacent enemy even if I have one in my space ? That's a thing I wasn't sure neither. Do you always need to attack an enemy (and kill it) in your space before attacking one in an adjacent one ?
  5. Let's say you have an enemy in your space and another in an adjacent one. You have a long range weapon. Do I need to attack the enemy in my space first or I can attack the one in adjacent directly ? If the latter, do I need to provoke first ? thanks
  6. Let's say you have a monster in your space and another in an adjacent one. You have a firearm or any long range weapons. Do I need to attack the monster in my space first or I can attack the one in adjacent ? If the latter, do I need to evade first ? thanks
  7. Hi, I really don't know what to do. The included bases for minis are bulky, ugly and takes a lot of space (several monsters in the same space isn't always working). BUT, I can slide the token in the base. If there are two identical monsters, you can also put the other token on it. Then I thought about buying clear bases. They looks good. Way better. Take less space. But you can't slide the stats token (awareness, brawl, horror). That isn't a big problem since you can have a sheet of the side with everything. But when there is two identical monsters, now you need to drag the token around. Not a big problem but not perfect. And the biggest thing, you need to cut the pin of each mini. So there is no turning back. What you guys are doing ? I know it's stupid but I really don't know what to do ...
  8. I bought the game ! Can’t wait to start a game!
  9. thanks In fact I never played the game... I intend to play it solo because one member of my group HATES LOTR with passion so it seems if I wanna play it, it will by myself ! I'm a hugeeee fan of Mansion of madness 2nd so this game, with similar mechanic plus a campaign (I love story driven game) looks fun. I just don't know if I'm willing to play this campaign several times until I succeed in solo...
  10. Hi, I have a question. I understand that most mission, you can lose and continue, right ? But there are some missions toward the end that can end you campaign. Or let’s say you lose at the last mission. Can you reload your savegame and try it again ? Or you need to restart the whole campaign ? Someone told me that if you lose on a mission like this (those who can end the campaign), you CAN’T reload your save. If you need to restart the whole campaign on these missions ending the campaign (or losing at the last one), I may skip the game... I don’t mind playing the same missions but you need a lot of time and my group don’t play enough to restart the campaign 4 times to pass it... thanks
  11. I agree but it's not a scenario I will do very often. And it's not about the destination but the journey
  12. Thanks, I played again and let’s say after interacting with something, it gave me a text which gave me the answer. So, on my first game, I read too fast and missed that detail... On my second game, it was about a dead husband, so it was pretty obvious !
  13. Hi, I just played the Vengeful impulses and failed it. I read everything in the journals, got all evidences, all token has been used on the map, talked to everyone so the only option was to accuse them and yet, I didn’t found anything that would really tell me who is the killer. So my question is, is there something I missed or you just need to randomly accuse someone and hope for the best before the ghost appears and destroy us all ? So, can you really find who is the killer ? thanks
  14. Good advices ! Thanks ! I will give feedback
  15. Good idea! I'll glue them all like this. So far, my storage strategy is all figures in the Horrific journeys box and everything else in the base box. I hope the bigger figs will still fit in the HJ box once glued to their base.
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