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  1. Totally agree. Right now the advanced search is kinda basic just to get something out there. I do plan to add the ability to select multiple options for some fields such as the subtypes. Also want to add more fields like Unique (true/false), Upgrade Slots (ships), Keywords (squadrons), Defense Tokens, Traits (right now is just Modification, but Clone Wars will add more like Clone), Expansion, and somehow maybe handle searching for armaments. But baby steps for now!
  2. True, it has a lot of the same info. But it allows that info to be found in a very different way. I understand your concern about not working together, but I think the community can benefit from having both options available. Just as it benefits from having multiple fleet builders, online simulators, blogs, and podcasts. I do think we, along with other's managing Armada projects, can all benefit from collaboration in the near future as images start coming out for the Clone Wars and card updates. Unless FFG kindly provides digital versions for all the new content, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. Otherwise we'll all be scanning and cleaning up cards to get them online.
  3. Good question. Not trying to replace the wiki here; I wanted a tool that had a more powerful search. Coming from a game like Magic the Gathering, I wanted a site that was more like gatherer.wizards.com or scryfall.com. I've actually thought about including a link to the wiki pages on the card pages on Slicer Tools for quick access there. Not sure if that'd be useful, but I don't plan to add trivia or lore info like is on the wiki.
  4. Hello! I'm happy to share a new site I've been working on: Slicer Tools. https://slicer.tools/ It's a card search site for Armada. It currently has every card I can think of except damage cards (need to scan those and add sometime). Each card page includes the card image, text/icons for all that info, expansion data, and official and community rulings. The latter are right now all based off the KARM (thanks @Karneck!). There's also an advanced search for querying by type, faction, points, and similar characteristics. More will be added. Additionally, you can easily share filtered searches. Example: https://slicer.tools/search/?s=[f%3Aimperial][p%3A<5][ut%3Aofficer (Returns Imperial officer cards that are less than 5 fleet points) There are a few known bugs I need to work out, but for now it seems to work pretty well. There is also a lot of work I'd like done for cleaning rulings, verifying sources and dates, and adding links between cards. I don't even want to think about the amount of work coming up with the introduction of Clone Wars AND all the card size changes plus some card errata. If anyone is interested in helping with editing text and images, I'll probably be reaching out to see if I can get help soon. No coding required! Anyway, hope the community finds this useful! It's been fun working on it.
  5. Ha, I said those exact words to myself. Yeah, this rule just doesn't seem to have a clear application.
  6. So does Concealment II count as a "friendly" ability because it mentions friendly ships? Just trying to wrap my head around this logic. Would something like Ion Technicians also be friendly? I wish they had made this rule more clear
  7. We're finally getting to our first pivotal battle. I'm a little confused by the rule "Assign Targets" on page 24. I see plenty of abilities that have the word "friendly" in them. But none have the word "enemy"? Does this rule mean an ability like Concealment I can only be used when defending against one enemy? This rule just isn't making sense to me.
  8. Oh the mistakes that were made [by me] in this game! Fun nonetheless! To follow-up for the zero people that care, my objectives were Ion Storm, Hyperspace Assault, and Volatile Deposits.
  9. Hmm, I smell an untruth! But both lists look fun. "True" Task Force fleets.
  10. So no nerf for the Combat Retrofit after all... The meta is safe from this menace.
  11. Thanks as always for the game and writing up the report, @Admiral Calkins! To elaborate on deployment, @Admiral Calkinsalso forced Admo to move forward a speed 1 maneuver and drop to speed 2. Being my first time playing Rift Assault, I was continually drifting too close to the Rift and moving forward 1 more than I planned. Sometimes it worked in my favor and other times it didn't. 😜 As he said, I'm struggling to use the generic CR90 effectively. Seems to either get in the way of my other ships or is too far away from the fight to do anything useful. Guess that's why it hasn't earned a title yet...
  12. Thanks for the report! Seems like there was an opportunity for your opponent to have taken a Nav token and used a dial on a later round to ditch a raid token to Nav for at least one round. But yes, excellent example of how bad Surprise Attack can be if continuing at speed 2! Mental note taken!
  13. Some would call that luck. Others would call that skill. 😁
  14. Flew his ships very well, except for the CR90 that rammed into Admo, pinned itself in, and ruined the whole plan. Jar Jar must have been at the helm.
  15. Thanks for sharing these @Admiral Calkins! It's been a great learning experience (and I need the practice)! Looking forward to more games.
  16. Considering the Death Star is actually a space station and not a space ship, that all but confirms the Death Star is coming.
  17. Just my gut feeling here, but I feel like the Lucrehulk is the best candidate for the next huge ship. I'd say it's more iconic than the Malevolence due to its unique design, it appearing more in the movies (I think), and the fact that lil Annie blows one up. I'd be happy to see either or both be made though!
  18. Hey everyone, I wanted some inserts I could slip into my binder sleeves to indicate which cards have received errata. I know a lot of people probably just print the updated cards out, but it drives me crazy how blurry those are. I thought I'd share if anyone else finds it useful. Printable page: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Do4hKuDxFM_0B0ay59VSz-gquKmK8ToJ Includes two sizes for squadron/objective cards and upgrade cards. Single insert: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jwlwy9B6CkSdPqGBRo3i-zjAtfQWfooP
  19. A big thanks to @TheWampa for reducing these in file size. New, smaller files have been uploaded. The same links above will get you the new versions.
  20. Disclaimer: Please don't eat the PDFs. They cause indigestion.
  21. In case these are useful to anyone else, here are links to the rosters for Rebellion in the Rim as editable PDFs. Player Roster: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b1OvcPUmMFJpmQ5jSrqO2TxrKf0XdgsA Imperial Team Roster: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gssx_E0icve0m2qE_aLWtmnW-4XsDZLt Rebel Team Roster: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15ak3ePEFTLiyscHfMMq9Vema4-VPUEBN
  22. To follow-up on my own post, FFG answered this in the new FAQ. The rules now read: “Huge Ship: The team may spend one repair yards token and two resource tokens. Then one of this team’s players may choose to remove a number of their ships, squadrons, and upgrade cards from their fleet and replace those forces with one huge ship worth a number of fleet points up to the value of the ships, squadrons, and upgrades that player removed.” “Large Ships: The team may spend one repair yards token and one resource token. Then up to two of that team’s players may choose to remove a number of their ships, squadrons, and upgrade cards from their fleet and each replace those forces with one large ship worth a number of fleet points up to the value of the ships, squadrons, and upgrades those players removed.” Looks like it was just an accidental omission. Upgrade cards do count towards the value you get on your "trade-in".
  23. Probably not the best example as I just don't get to play enough Armada, but both of my VSDs are still intact!
  24. Haha, good point again! I sometimes forget how much younger of a game Armada is. And that FFG is a smaller company than WotC, too. But yes, you're right. The game is in a good spot.
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