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  1. ArmadaMatt

    X-Wing/TIE-Fighter Missions for Armada

    These are absolutely amazing. And I like that they're a quicker play. I'll have to try them out.
  2. ArmadaMatt

    Terrain for Armada?

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I'm in the US, so shipping almost doubles the price of these.
  3. ArmadaMatt

    Terrain for Armada?

    These are amazing! How did you make them?
  4. ArmadaMatt

    Terrain for Armada?

    You guys make a good point about having to move the pieces whenever a ship overlaps. So to take that into account, what about the ideas of larger terrain pieces (say something like a larger space station or the Scarif gate) that take collision rules into effect? I guess this is what I originally was driving at, but didn't explain well. From what I read of the Downed AT-ST Legion piece, it's not just eye-candy but brings extra game play with it. I'm a casual player, so the idea of scenarios interests me just as much as new ships do.
  5. ArmadaMatt

    Terrain for Armada?

    Seeing the new Downed AT-ST for Legion got me thinking, what if FFG produced terrain pieces for Armada? Some potential pieces: "Premium" models of the standard obstacles (asteroids, station, etc) Thematic scenarios (like the Scarif gate so many have already discussed) Armada equivalent to a downed AT-ST: stranded or destroyed capital ship with valuable cargo that must be captured Skyhooks, shipyards, or other types of artificial satellites Mines or space turrets Personally I'd love to see a product like this, as it could add a little extra variety to the game and increase the visual interest on the board. I know there are already existing options from Mel's Miniatures for some of this stuff, but I would like to see these things come with actual rules, objectives, and scenarios. Plus I'd rather not have more stuff to paint; I can barely paint my squadrons! Thoughts?