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  1. I haven't seen the rulebook yet. How many games is a campaign?
  2. I preordered through them, too. Just got an email from FedEx for a shipment notification. Doesn't necessarily mean it's actually shipping today (although I hope it does), but at least it's soon!!!
  3. Are you serious? I spend about 2-3 hours on one squad. 😲
  4. Thank you for putting this together. I was half watching the stream while at work, so I missed a bit.
  5. For me, it's the only way to go! I'm on the side of quality over quantity on these squadron paints. But man, they make it difficult. I find I do one pass of painting a thick, squiggly strut in gray and have to go back to straighten and thin it up by painting black over it. Takes forever. Maybe a better painter could do it right the first time, but I'm still fairly new to this.
  6. I'm the slowest painter in the world, but I'm excited to post my latest painted squadron!
  7. Oh boy! What a great start to a Monday!
  8. I wondered if this already existed, but had no idea to search for it. Very cool that several people already have played this and found it fun! I'll definitely be suggesting it to my Armada buddy! Keeping Raddus and RLBs hidden just sounds amazingly cool and thematic.
  9. Just had this thought while driving this morning. What would a game of Armada be like if upgrade cards were hidden (turned face down) until they were used? This wouldn't work on all upgrades, as some like Rapid Launch Bays require actions at the start of the game. And others, like Early Warning System wouldn't be too much of a surprise as you'd want to use it at the start of a round. But look at things like Ordnance cards. Does that Gladiator have APTs, ACMs, or External Racks? Or Fleet Support. Is that flotilla sneaking it's way closer because it has Slicer Tools or is it there to support that group of bombers? Without having given it too much thought, it seems like a way to add a bit of surprise to the game, even if most of the upgrades are flipped up during the first round.
  10. I thought about that, too, but I don't know if that might be too overwhelming for new players? Unless. I keep the fleets small still with minimal upgrades (in which case, it'll probably be less sector fleet and more like regular 400 on 400).
  11. Ah, good point. I'll have to see if I can manage that.
  12. So my friend is getting married in July and wants to try out Armada at his bachelor party. There will be five of us and I'm the only one who currently plays. Any suggestions for doing a kind of "intro" multi-player version? Right now I'm considering the Take the Station scenario (because of the low fleet points) and modifying the setup for five. I hope to travel lightly since I'll be flying out. I have one core set and one of each expansion plus two of each fighter I pack.
  13. Well from one crazy person to another, bless you! It's kind of strange to me that there is no OP judge program for Armada. How are store championships and regionals judged? Just by the TO and you hope they have a good enough understanding of the nuances to make correct calls? I know Armada doesn't have quite the type of prize support on the line that a game like Magic does, but it still seems weird to me.
  14. Gotcha, thanks! I'm looking at one of your older replies about clarifying rules for APTs from a different post. You seem to have an outstanding understanding of the rules! Are you a judge or rules adviser or something like that? I used to play a lot of Magic and am used to seeing a lot of people in that capacity. Not sure if it's the same for the Armada community.
  15. Can I piggyback on this topic for a similar clarification? This came up in a game last Friday. Situation: An ISD going speed 2 attempts to maneuver, but can't avoid colliding with a GR-75 at speed 2 or 1. If a speed 2 maneuver would have been possible, the ISD would have landed on a debris field, however, due to the collision, it didn't actually move as it stayed at speed 0. End result: The GR-75 takes one damage card, the ISD takes none from collision. What we need clarification on is does the ISD take 2 damage from the debris field? One of us believes yes because it would have overlapped the obstacle had the maneuver been completed. The other believes no because the final position of the ISD was right where it started (not on the obstacle).
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