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  1. This was the deck: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/fdfeb403-71b9-473c-a73c-46846ee87856
  2. How would you rate this deck? Frau Backtam Greenfield It gives a low sas (68), but i'm having mostly wins on crucible (struggling a bit vs sanctum though). A lot of time by slowing the other player (miasma, drumble and bait n switch), gaining amber and forging keys meanwhile. And often in the endgame by killing off my own creatures with soul snatcher and pawn sacrifice, positron bolt, boobytrap and more. And with two bad pennys multiple times. Also able to control the opponents board if needed with the many creatures and direct dmg (although struggling against sanctum with armor on this department). Why doesnt the sas seem to match my win/loss on crucible?
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