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  1. I’ve had different opinions when it comes to this scenario and need it clarifying. Ship A has collision detector and trades shots with ship B, both shots go through an obstacle nearest to nearest point. Page 26 of the rules reference gives this says that ship B doesn’t gain an extra green die when defending as it is not ignoring the obstacle: “A ship that is “ignoring obstacles” does not apply the effects of overlapping or moving through them. When that ship performs an attack that is obstructed by an obstacle it ignores the effects of the obstruction, so the defender does not roll 1 additional defense die being obstructed by the obstacles the attacker is ignoring.“ Page 5 of the rules reference has a new section of text that says “The defending player determines a number of defense dice to roll.” From the defending players point of view, they are not ignoring the obstacle, so they do gain a green die. These two seem to contradict each other.
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