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  1. I'd have to go through the AoR core again, but in the how to spend advantage table one of the options was for canceling threat. So I think the only things that actually cancel each other out are successes and failures.
  2. We use numerical values and hex grids in our campaigns. But then again we've heavily homeruled a lot of stuff. For space we use 10 hexes per band, so close is 10 and short is 20. Works pretty well in space combat and all, though it has hiccups for ground combat.
  3. At 11 out of 12, the character is gonna be looking like a boxer at the end of the 12th round. Aka pretty beat up, but still functional more or less. A good way to think of wounds is that they are an accumulation of assorted nicks, scrapes, and bruises slowing building up until you (the PC) just can't take anymore and collapse. Criticals on the other hand are major injuries. Concussions, broken bones, and other severe trauma to name a few.
  4. Couldn't find actual stats for it, but I did find a thread that statted out the xs-800. I also found a floor plan for the ship too. Hope this helps!
  5. In the campaign I'm in we get paid generally after every mission. Our pay scales up with our rank too. Start off at Flight Officer at like 200 credits, then move on up usually to lieutenant commander with 1k pay. Plus we also had the option to buy stocks in a company, so that's some more income for us. We also don't do anything with contribution either, at least not yet.
  6. Not sure if this has come up with anybody else before. But the sil limits for dedicated hanger bays are kinda wonky. As is, a sil 8 ship with 8 dedicated hangerbays could hold 86 Nebulon Bs. I was thinking that perhaps the sil limit should be restricted to sil 4 ships, with each bay allowing you to carry 1 sil 5-6 ship in it. Doing it that way would keep it a bit more on the reasonable side and involve less physics breaking (I know its Star Wars but there are limits). Instead of being able to hold 86 Neb Bs, it could instead hold 8. You could mix it however you want too, maybe have 2 Neb bs and use the other hangers to support fighters/transports
  7. I don't remember all the stats for it, but in a AoR fighter campaign. We captured a Scurrg heavy bomber that used almost exclusively cluster missiles. I'll have to find the stats for it and post them here later.
  8. That just means you've got to step up raids on the local imperial supply lines
  9. Not quite, by stack I mean stack. Neep my Rodian Heavy has a varlite body glove that has 2 defense and 2 soak along with his PX-1 armor which grants 1 defense and 4 soak (superior). Combined with his brawn he has 3 defense (plus we also allow the 1 defence from cover too), and 9 soak. So if he is in cover and fully kitted out he'll have 4 defense and 9 soak Keep in mind though, that we've HEAVILY homebrewed the game due to the 2 guys who DM the campaigns I'm in not liking the RAW
  10. You can always homebrew it so that defense and soak stack. That's what we do in our campaigns.
  11. @Ominovin, That blackadder skit perfectly summed up fighter jock mentality. Along with the fact that anyone who willingly gets into a steel coffin to do insane stunts and whatnot is certifiably insane
  12. Also dont forgot how useful camouflage is, especially in regards to fooling enemy airborne assets. Star wars isn't as heavy on sensors as other sci-fi universes. So it would probably be a good start to look up WWII tank tactics, camouflage use, and making a perfectly functional tank look nothing more then battlefield wreckage (think Fury, but it was also a tactic used by German TDs to fool planes, and infantry).
  13. I haven't played a human yet in this game. I've got 3 main characters, and their all Rodians that are related to each other. First there is Meep who's a rebel ace pilot/sharpshooter, then there's his twin Neep who is a heavy. Neep is a walking tank when he's got his PX-1 modded power armor on, along with a heavily modded Heavy blaster rifle. Finally we get to their older sister Zeep, she is what you would call a shotgun medic. She can patch allies up, and lay the hate on imperials and other enemies with her 8 gauge shotgun.
  14. I say go for broke. Get him a quarter staff that has cortosis weave, and gives some slight bonus to force powers.
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