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  1. I'm disappointed that I forgot about the Decimator too! 😦 Off to the Spice Mines of Kessel for me.
  2. Still waiting on Hotshots & Aces down here in New Zealand. Anywhere else still waiting on theirs? The other two card-packs have turned up here, along with the reprinted ships, but no sign of Hotshots. I wonder if FFG were silly enough to print fewer copies of H&A than of the other two packs? I figure more likely though that far more folk pre-ordered H&A than the other two, and the bigger markets just got given priority as a reality of commerce. Just spitballing here though, as for all I know the NZ distributors just made a mixup on their order (only one distributor for the whole country, so things like this can happen).
  3. What about from a Hyperspace perspective? The Striker is the only Imperial ship that can take Devices, and Vagabond looks to be able to get bombs into more interesting situations than their generic siblings can.
  4. Thanks folks. OK, glad to hear the UK has it. How about Oz? My folk over the Tasman managed to buy H&A from brick&mortar yet?
  5. Hey folks, has anyone outside the USA managed to buy Hotshots & Aces from their LGS? Here in New Zealand, the supplier isn't even offering the pack with the rest of Wave 6. My LGS can order the order card packs, and the Wave 6 models, but Hotshots & Aces isn't even listed as existing. This strikes me as weird, because when Barnes & Noble broke the street date in the USA, Hotshots & Aces was available alongside the rest of Wave 6, so it was made and shipped at the same time. I'm aware that folk outside the USA can have ordered Hotshots & Aces from online stores, but have any been able to buy it from a regular local-supplier-supplied LGS?
  6. Priority One for the non-Republic/Separatist factions is surely for them to release the Hyperspace-legal ships that aren't in 2.0 yet. So - Rebels: A-Wing - Scum: Starviper - First Order: Upsilon - Empire: Interceptor or Bomber - Resistance: Falcon or Starfortress For the other two I'd guess based on existing card-art - Republic: LAAT - Separatists: Tri-Fighter
  7. I was intending to buy into Separatists (big fan of both droids and Sith, so easy choice), but earlier this month accidentally a whole lot of Scum at a local sale, and starting two new factions in the space of a month seems a little excessive. Besides which I've been so delighted with Scum (Mandalorians are fun incarnate) that I want to focus on them for a while instead. I'll see how Team Roger Roger is looking in a month or two. (And now I'll probably end up splurging on Separatists in a few days' time, just like I did with Scum, because I have no self-control and there's another sale on...)
  8. Hey folks, a question for those of you who've put this list on the table a few times: How (if at all) do you mitigate the frequent stress from the Grand Inquisitor's ability on your dial options for the Lambda?
  9. It'll be interesting to see how much essential Taika-ness makes its way into this. Hard for a guest director to have much flavour effect on an episode of a TV show. I'm wondering if his episode will lean into the tenuous Mandalorian / Concordian / Jango Kiwi accent connection. There's so much unexplored Mandaboo conceptual space they can explore with this show, even if just as expositional plot setup for the Spaghetti Western episode of the day.
  10. Yeah, there's one in the Treacherous art, being blown apart by a B-22.
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