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  1. What's that TIE doing flying next to Boba? In Hyperspace, it should be lying broken and burning below the Firespray and the droid. Though of course Hyperspace COULD be more balanced and competitively interesting than Extended. It's just that it isn't right now.
  2. Yes, Slave 1 might not be used that often, but being able to more easily block Boba means that adding a ship or two with Intimidation would give other lists more options. If that would be enough, I don't know, but at least this would be a possible counter that doesn't simply rely on bringing a swarm to the table. Or another Boba-list.
  3. 6-12 points more would land Boba/Fenn lists right in the 190s to high 190s, which I was told is far too much. Though - is it? What would change if Slave 1 costs, say, 3-4 points for Boba? I think not much would change. Right now, a Boba/Fenn list doesn't have to make the decision every other list has to make - do I go for more bid or more upgrades (except mirrors, of course)? And to those who think that Boba/Fenn is balanced right now or maybe Slave 1 should cost 2-3 point more - what imperial Hyperspace list would make a Boba/Fenn player concerned right now? A list that also has a chance against swarms?
  4. The same phenomenon is known in computer games in general: if you play e.g. a RPG (roleplaying game) and the computer shows a probability of 80% that you hit something, players would be upset if it really was 80% - they would get the feeling that it is lower. So the game developers show 80% and internally they use 90% or whatever to please the gamers. Why would Sandrem and the others try to cheat the players? What would be the motive? They want the people to play their game, and to enjoy it!
  5. Just a thought: what would happen if Boba/Fenn would cost, let's say, 194-198? Or even 200? I think that this wouldn't hurt Boba/Fenn (much) against (CIS) swarms, simply due to the higher initiative. But: what other list ideas might then be possible? Wouldn't there be more diversity in the lists? Isn't it Boba/Fenn that is holding Hyperspace back right now?
  6. Has anybody recently flown in Hyperspace with an Empire list against a Boba-list, with or without Fenn Rau? I wonder if Snap Shot on lots of ships works.
  7. Sadly, in HS, there's no Moff Jerjerrod which might help Oicunn catch a highly mobile Fang fighter, and there's also no Ciena Ree which might enable a surprising maneuver by another ship. There's just the Grand Inquisitor which might coordinate a barrel roll. Speaking of mobility in general: all factions have at least one ship with the boost action, except for CIS and - yes, the empire (!).
  8. Say we have Grand Inquisitor on Morna Kee together with a Tactical Officer (to make the coordinate action white). And we have Boba Fett with Slave 1. Boba reveals his dial, which is a bank or turn maneuver, and now here's the question: both Grand Inquisitor and Slave 1 trigger when the dial is revealed - is this resolved using player order? Slave 1 is worded slightly differently, but this also seems to be a case of "a ship reveals its dial...".
  9. Well, if you hit a good combination, it would be great if you posted it here on the forum. Unless you'd rather keep it to yourself 😉
  10. I found it useful on a defender as they only have red 1 & 2 hard turns. Also, it was fun to occasionally surprise someone by placing Rexler parallel to the edge during setup, coordinate a barrel roll, turn around to the enemy, 5 blue straight , and boost - suddenly he's flanking on turn 1. This works maybe once, against players not knowing (or not caring) about Ciena Ree. But of course Ciena would also be useful on ships that have difficulty turning around 180°. If it weren't so expensive... And as @thespaceinvader said: on a reaper a tactical officer is probably a must have -> +2 points.
  11. Yes, I also got the impression that it's not easy to play her. And the ships that could potentially profit the most from her, those with both barrel roll and boost, like the defender, are quite fast and agile, and range 2 for the coordinate is not that far.
  12. That's what I was thinking - too expensive for what she does, and certainly when compared to other options. Then FFG made Ciena Ree hyperspace legal, without adjusting the points, and I wondered if I was simply missing something and there where good uses for her. Right now I have the feeling that adding her to the available options for hyperspace was completely irrelevant.
  13. Seriously, in what squads is the cost of 10 points justified? I tried her with a defender, and it's nice, but 10 points? I'm mainly comparing her to Moff Jerjerrod, who can boost an unlimited amounf of ships at any range every second round (systems phase) without using an action himself. And of course there's Leia for 2 points (ok, no boosts or barrel rolls etc., but also movement related). Or is Grand Inquisitor + Ciena Ree on a shuttle worth it (never tried that)?
  14. I played two games now, one with the original list, the other with Maul+Hate, Dooku+HP+Scimitar and Grievous+Outmaneuver+Soulless One. Both games against 3 Y-Wings with VTG+Ion+Hull+R4 + Saw+Leia or (second game) Norra+VTG+Io+Hull+R4. In the first game I spent the first four rounds positioning (dragging the Y-Wings into the rocks). After two rounds of combat time was up - I lost two shields, the Y-Wings took 13 damage, spread out over all ships. The list was fun to fly - durable, lots of options each round. The main problems were - just two ships, meaning it is difficult to keep damaged ships in at least one arc, and only a few upgrade cards could be used in a round, meaning wasted points for the other cards. But overall a fun list where mistakes or bad die rolls don't immediately result in dead ship (hello Soontir). In the second game I more or less charged into the Y-Wings to get a feel how durable the Infiltrators are (Grievous flanked). After three rounds of firing Maul was down to four hull and ionized, Dooku had lost two shields, but two Y-Wings were down. The list was also fun to fly - I like the dials on both the Infiltrator and the B-22. One game each with a list doesn't mean much, but anyway, here are some things I noticed: In both lists, Dooku could profit from more Force or Hate, but with Hate there's no Ini 7-attack and re-cloak... I like the combination of Maul with Hate+Palpatine, and I also like Dooku with HP+Scimitar. Unfortunately, a squad with both ships doesn't leave much room for other ships. Two drones might not make much difference. On the other hand, I liked Grievous, but taking him leaves only three points - maybe Markmanship or Crack Shot? Taking PerCo on both Maul and Dooku most likely wouldn't work for me - in my local meta there are many lists with 5+ ships, meaning I would bump too often. If I was good enough to consistently avoid bumps and lots of arcs, I would try Vader+Soontir+Duchess 🙂
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