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  1. Hi, Julia I'm no long on BBG, since I refuse to sign that four-page manifesto, but I do have a g-mail account that I never use, so I'll just post that here with no worries. TheRealRufusTFireFly@g-mail.com Thanks for keeping up-to-date in helping me out.
  2. Well, I just tried to pm her and got a disclaimer that she can't receive messages, unless I'm doing it wrong. Steve
  3. I haven't seen that particular thread before, but when I click the link, it sends me to megaupload, which I understand was shut down. Before I made an account, I clicked on her profile. I see now that the only way a pm menu item shows up is if you're signed in. I'll give her a try. Thanks again for the responses and effort. Steve
  4. Thanks for the reply tsuma54. The reason for the delay in responding was that I was even having trouble locating this thread again. I was finally able to open the file I was talking about, which is over on Arkham Central, but that was an expansion for Eldritch Horror. I'm pretty sure that the one created by Ornendil is for Arkham Horror, but I have been unable to locate it. He has a long discussion about it here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/290671-masks-of-nyarlathotep-by-orendil/ It looks like the images have been deleted or at least I click on the icons and nothing happens. I've put together a few of the fan-created expansions and this one is mentioned on one of the cards, I think in Door to Saturn (Africa), if I'm not mistaken, and I became curious about possibly adding it to my collection. I thought perhaps Ornendil was still around and could provide me with a link or maybe Julia would see this and respond. She was very active with Arkham Horror at one time and was very much engaged in the above discussion. Now that I know where to find this thread, my responses won't be so delayed; although, I do use the library and have a limited amount of time allotted to me here. Steve
  5. I've been looking for this fan-made creation for a few days now and the only site that seems to have it is one I can't upload, for some reason. Can someone send me a link or maybe pm or e-mail me the file? The Dropbox file seems to have been deleted and the other site has it on a .rar file, which I always have trouble opening. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I was able to come across the board on BGG, but none of those links to the actual game work. Steve
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