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  1. So we have seen and played AoA the last few months. What is the general opinion at this point? Is CotA still overall considered stronger? Or was it just the first weeks that people needed to get used to AoA?
  2. I don't neccesarily mean the investigators, but more the cards you get to build your dwleck from the scenario packs. I was guessing that they are cards which are conected to the scenario and so they might have an impact of you have access to them before or after the scenario. Or isn't that the case?
  3. When exactly do people add new cards from the scenario packs to their cardpool? I am just starting with AH and played the core set. Now I am starting with the Dunwich Legacy. I made new decks witg new inveatigators. They will earn XP after the first scenario, correct. So I can change the deck. When I move on to the first scenario pack new player cards will be available, will people generaly add these new cards to their deck building options before or after playing the scenario from the pack? As an extra question. I guess the special standalone scenario's also come with player cards, will people just add them to the cardpool after that? Or are some cards to strong/ specual to add? I am asking this as product is hard to come buy, luckicly I got hold on the first deluxe and expansion, but I guess after this I need to skip a few and get hold on the newest releases. Than I might be able to go back to some earlier sets after reprint. But would it be a problem to add/use newer playercards to older sets? Or do people only play cards chronological the way they got released? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks. I was looking to play the Dunwich Legacy with 3 people, so just 3 decks (so as I read your post, I should be fine). Also a big thanks for the deck links you provided, I can use that. At this point it doesn't really matter which investigator we play, as every investigator or scenario is new. I can imagine when we will be replaying we will choose specific investigators.
  5. Hey All, I guess this has been asked many times before, so I am sorry as a new Arkham Horror TCG player to ask this again, but do I really need two core sets? I jus finished the 3 core scenario's with a friend and now I want to start playing the Dunwich Legacy. So I have one core set, the Dunwich Legacy and the Dunwich Legacy scenario packs (still sealed). Could I make 3 (or maybe 4) nice or ok decks with just these sets? Or do I really need a 2nd core for the cards? And what about if after the Dunwich Legacy I start a next cycle? The big question is what do you really need from the 2nd core, what the next sets don't bring? I prefer to buy a new deluxe than a 2nd core. Thanks!
  6. To be honest. I didn't see any deckboxes at the pricewall in Eindhoven, but then again I didn't ask for them either. They had Wooden Keys and Aember tokens which weren't listed. They looked pretty need. The only thing is that you would only get 6 tokens. Sorry I didn't take any pictures or rememberd the Aember cost (I think the wooden keys are 100 Aember).
  7. Wodi

    Huge Swing Combos

    Or just save the Nepenthes seed, as you already have enough aember to win the game! I love the Nature's Call + Flaxia combo, use it a lot. Unfortunatly no Hunting Witch or Dust Puxie's in my deck.
  8. I was wondering what happens with my power 2 creatures when I have a Banner of Battle in play and my opponent plays a The Spirit's Way (or another card that destroys/purges creatures of a certain power). Are my Power 2 creatures considerd as power 3 creatures due to the constant effect of the Banner of Battle. Or are they still power 2 creatures with a bonus? So they don't get destroyed. Thanks!
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