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  1. My group has been having some very bad encounters with the overlord ever since scourge was introduced (I do not think heroes have won a quest since). Is scourge broken or is it more of a problem with mists and chains that rust? It seems like the perfect card: 1 xp for a pretty much guaranteed 1 extra monster (but usually more). And it's strong too! Hits like a truck sometimes with that red die
  2. A modernization pass would be good. Not sure what that looks like, but I'd want them to keep the 1 vs many aspect.
  3. I think the problem is there aren't any male options for the warrior class. Same for females and the wizard class. It's just not balanced. IMO the dwarf artificer should have been male so you have a melee female warrior and a male version with the dwarf artificer. But maybe the dragon is tanky male melee?
  4. Where did you get these numbers? Are those board games?
  5. Well, an update could make those stats viewable by the overlord. And the app could support a "mini table" like a lot of card game apps do nowadays where you can see all your different monster stats easily in your "hand" or something (e.g. hearthstone, legends of runeterra, etc.)
  6. Anyone as disappointed as I am? Hopefully they can use the app to push an update and bring the overlord back.
  7. So my friend is saying that hero tokens count as heroes in the rulebook. Is he correct or is there a difference?
  8. So servants are treated as figures? We were having trouble finding rules on that.
  9. Which of these cases is correct: case 3a or case 3b? 1. Grisban the thirsty is knocked out and thus fills his character sheet full of fatigue tokens 2. High mage Quellen activates within 3 spaces of Grisban's hero token (which represents the knocked out hero) 3a. High mage Quellen recovers two fatigue because he is within 3 spaces of Grisban 3b. High mage Quellen does not recover two fatigue because Grisban is currently a hero token and Grisban's hero token does not count as a hero for the purposes of high mage Quellen's hero ability. High mage Quellen's hero power: "At the start of your turn, you may choose another hero within 3 spaces of you. If the chosen hero has at least 1 fatigue token on his Hero sheet, you recover 1 Fatigue. If he has fatigue tokens equal to his Stamina, you recover 2 Fatigue." Also, I assume this applies to knocked out heroes like Avric, so Avric's hero ability would not work while Avric was knocked out, correct (his is an aura that allows someone to spend a surge to recover one damage)
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