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  1. I noticed many expansions are sold out. Are they done making Descent prints?
  2. If the overlord won the previous quest, can the overlord choose to play a rumor quest that is in play?
  3. Would I? The game already isn't balanced with the current reinforcement system. Any changes I do with my own group wouldn't matter. You can't break what's already broken. i think I'm going to make it as simple as this: 1. Each unit costs X reinforcement points 2. Reinforcement points are generated on a per-turn basis 3. OL must reinforce each turn if able (unless multiple reinforcement options exist)
  4. I think it would be easier just to use what's already available and tweak it to work for 2nd edition. That's not really what I'd call, "reinventing the wheel." I haven't looked into this old threat system or how much tweaking would be needed to make a reinforcement point system work for descent 2E though. There's a lot of monsters to evaluate strength on, so just to get things started as a first-run experiment, the cost of of spawning a model might just be directly correlated to the size of the monster group. Additional tweaking for models like fire imps might be necessary though.
  5. Stun isn't really that good on monsters since they only get one attack per activation anyway. Stun only takes away a single AP not a full activate, so if they are within range of you, they can still activate and attack.
  6. Based on the wording, Overpower includes a move action and should be fair game for the hexer's affliction ability. It literally says "move action" in the ability description. From what I can see, no clarification is needed from FFG on this one; however, if they wanted to change overpower to NOT include a move action, they could do that in an errata. That would definitely be an errata change though not a simple clarification.
  7. But during one-off quests with Descent 2nd edition (as in just playing one quest with your friends and not a whole campaign), you can choose any quest as well (and play with epic play either at basic level, advanced level, or expert level). For this reason, I'm pretty sure the quests are all balanced to be of equal difficulty, so Descent 2nd edition faces the same problem.
  8. Maybe the community should just come up with their own reinforcement point system then.
  9. This game has felt to me like it favors monster groups with many models (e.g. bandits, goblins, etc. (but not fire imps because those just suck)) over monster groups with a small number of models (e.g. hybrid sentinels, shadow dragons, ettins, etc.). I wonder if monster groups with only a small number of models were intentionally made to have lower than usual stats due to the reinforcement mechanic (e.g. one group of goblin archers is stronger than one group of shadow dragons). Some quests let the overlord reinforce open groups, and if the overlord got a shadow dragon with stats equivalent to a goblin archer group every turn, that would probably be too much. Should descent have gone with a "reinforcement point" mechanic where quests that used open group reinforcements gave the overlord a certain amount of reinforcement points each turn? Those points could then be spent to purchase reinforcements and each monster card would show the number of reinforcement points required to purchase one monster from that group (e.g. spawning a goblin archer might cost 1 reinforcement point and spawning a shadow dragon might cost 2 or 3 reinforcement points)? Reinforcement points could not be banked unless the overlord did not have enough to purchase one model from their reinforcing open group (e.g. overlord has 4 reinforcement points. A shadow dragon costs 3 reinforcement points, so the overlord MUST spawn one shadow dragon during the reinforcement step).
  10. Edit: Welp, I was wrong. Apparently there is no difference between damage dealt and damage suffered. It's just a matter of perspective. 1. No defense roll for Andira's ability though. Andira's ability mentions the figure that "performed" the attack suffers 1 damage (**as in the attack is already finished**). Not the figure that "is performing" the attack suffers 1 damage (**as in the attack is still going**). 2. Reflective ward on the other hand takes place during the attack, so that's why defense dice are rolled. Reflective ward: "Play this card when a hero attacks a monster, before rolling dice (**as in reflective ward takes place during the attack**). The attacking hero may choose to suffer 2 fatigue. If he cannot suffer the fatigue, or chooses not to, he will be dealt damage equal to the damage dealt to the monster." 3. You don't roll defense dice for shared pain. The part of shared pain that affects other monsters in the monster group doesn't take place until the attack is over and damage has been calculated and dealt. Shared pain: "Perform an attack (**as in this is the first thing you do. You finish your attack action first**). If you deal at least 1 damage (after rolling defense dice), each other figure in the target's monster group suffers 1 damage." For reference, what helped us figure this out was just looking at how combat normally took place and when damage was dealt, etc.
  11. My friend mentioned this: "You do not role defense dice against damage from an attack. You roll defense dice from damage caused during an attack. Also...reflective ward as an example, that is also during an attack." Would this apply for Andira's ability since it applies for reflective ward?
  12. For Andira Runehand's hero ability, do monsters get to roll defense dice? The rules say "Defense dice are used to cancel damage only during an attack. If an ability causes a figure to suffer damage for any other reason, that figure cannot roll defense dice to cancel any of that damage." Does Andira Runehand's ability count as during an attack? Or is there another rule that says whether the monsters do or do not roll defense dice against her ability? Andira ability: "Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you suffers 1 or more damage from an attack, the figure that performed the attack suffers 1 damage."
  13. So regarding 1, does that mean two heroes could wield the sun stone on a single turn? What about for other weapons e.g. passing a crossbow around your party for each person to take a shot at someone?
  14. 1. Can a hero give another hero equipment during the trade step even if the equipment is equipped? E.g. Hero has sun stone equipped. Hero attacks with sun stone and then uses a move action and gives the still-equipped sun stone to another hero. 2. If a hero unequips the sun stone during his turn and just keeps the item in his inventory, does that mean he cannot drop the sun stone when defeated (refer below picture)? 3. If a lieutenant picks up the sun stone token from a defeated hero, does he/she immediately wield the sun's fury card or does the lieutenant just hold the token like any other monster? 4. Does the geomancer need to activate all his summoned stones at once or can he activate different summoned stones at different times? E.g. player actives one of his summoned stones, activates his hero character next, and then activates his last two summoned stones last.
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