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  1. Some NPC abilities allow the target to make a resistance check, and the notation on some of them is mysterious to me. As an example, the Manifest Earth Kami's Eruption ability allows a "TN 4 Fitness check (Air 2, Water 5)". Does this mean the TN is different depending on the Ring you use? In this example, that would mean the TN would be 4 if using the Earth, Fire or Void rings, but TN 2 for the Air ring and TN 5 for the Water ring. And if this is the case, how is this determined? Is it based on the NPC's Demeanor, or just by common sense? I'm trying to convert some creatures from 4th edition and this has been gumming me up. It seems to only affect Adversary class NPCs, and only for especially formidable abilities, but I'm sending people into the Shadowlands, so...
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