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  1. You're incredibly sexist! This is not acceptable.
  2. Who cares? Obviously we are the ones to decide what's fun and what isn't! That's why we are trying to get this game changed for a greater good and for the whole community. People should be grateful, because we are trying to get rid of a huge NPE here.
  3. Of course it's no fun to play Fat Han! To **** with that ship! Nerf Han already.
  4. That's right! All those guys out there, who completely misunderstand contests by playing Handbrake Han at a tournament should be... asked to play something else in a friendly way. I would have written "stoned to death", but I do not believe in violence, unless it's between plastic spaceships. Nerf Han already! For the mission and a better world!
  5. Yeah! We should ignore all those non-believers out there, who won't help us ban Handbrake Han! FFG has got to listen to the people. We are the people!
  6. Of course not! Han is the devil and he needs to be fixed. Boba is fine, for now.
  7. Fat Han is back! But not for long we are getting him nerfed already.
  8. No really, I apologize. You were right, I was wrong. I am totally on the nerf Han bandwagon now. We seriously have got some nerfing to do here. Not for the wrong reasons, but for the right ones. And for all players of XWing! Especially those who don't play rebels or the Falcon. Who brought up the ideas of moving big ships anyways? Sorry, I mean NOT moving big ships. Or let's say sometimes moving, sometimes not. Now I am confused. Anyway! Nerf!
  9. Fat Han is too powerful, NERF !!!!!11111oneoneeleven
  10. How impartant is "Heroic" for this built? I have got a feeling that it doesn't trigger very often, and if it triggers at all, it will most probably be on the two dice rolls, hardly any 3 dice rolls. How about putting "Advanced Optics" on all four ships? That doesn't leave room for any other upgrades, but it brings this list of four ships to 200 points exactly.
  11. How come this list is so popular at the moment? Are the A Wings strong enough to compete, even though they have only got a 2 dice attack? I would have expected that a 3 ship list with Poe, a second T-70 and just one A Wing (or triple X) would be better, but as it seems, A LOT of people out there go with 2 T-70 and 2 A-Wings at Ini level 5. What do you think? What's really good about this? What's the trick here?
  12. 1. Fat Han has always been available. People just thought that one 140ish points ship wasn't able to win tournaments anymore. There were large threads about him right here, on this board. Better play "Slim Han", or don't play the Falcon at all. That's what most people said. Kudos to the guy who finally brought Fat Han to a large tournament and won, while most people were still playing 4 Sigmas or Lieutenant Tavson. 2. Yes, it had been played there. Let's check the results. Rank 44 with 3 wins? Am I reading this correctly? How could an OP ship perform so.... average? It should have won, since it's amazingly overpowered (and sky is falling). 3. Wow, are you really counting all the possible positions now? Oh my goodness... this is ridiculous. But okay, let's play that game. How about the Phantom? It can decloak into 3 possible directions and then use its full dial and after that it could still barrel roll (or boost via upgrade). Have you ever counted all these end positions? 3 ways of decloaking x 17 maneuvers on the dial... that's 51 positions and we have not even started counting the barrell rolls and boost for all these options yet. So what? Does it mean, that it's even more OP and NPE than the Falcon? 4. Disliked characteristics.. like an iconic ship being good actually? Who says it's disliked? You and your 10 buddies, who have started this cry-over-an-iconic-ship thread? 5. Oh nice.. this link is a definition about NPEs.... written by you? Really? Maybe you should link someone else, not yourself and your buddies. Somebody neutral with a great standing would be much better.
  13. Okay, so Fat Han is back and the sky is falling? Please don't get me wrong here: from reading this thread I understand that Fat Han has got a great maneuverability, can recharge shields, reroll dice and use force tokes. That's strong! But it's also just one ship at the cost of 3 normal ships. It has a damage output of 3 dice per round. How can anyone lose 200:0 against this, seriously? How is there even enough time for Han to kill 4 enemies with his crappy 3 dice. (The A Wing doesn't count. It's a 2 attack ship that will explode into dust as soon as an enemy looks at it with an angry facial expression) You guys need to learn some basic tricks. Fake an injury! Play the clock! Just roll on the ground and call for a referee, whenever you're in front with points. That's how italy has won quite a few world cups in soccer. I remember that large base ships used to be unusable a few weeks ago. They were much too expensive. No one would actually want to fly a Fat Han shortly after the cost adjustment either. But right now it's back. It happens to be THE NIGHTMARE even though everyone out there is still playing 4 Sigmas? Alright! Don't worry. FFG is probably going to take Hans Illicit Slot away. Problem solved.
  14. How's that even possible, by the way?
  15. Honestly, I would NOT want to win a match, just because my opponent wasn't able to fly properly on turn one. On the other hand... I play this game regularly with close friends only, so I don't really know what it's like to be playing at a big public tournament. Last but not least: I wonder how it's even possible to fly off the board on turn one? You mean like.. match starts and off your ship goes? That's something like a running-joke in my gaming community. We sometimes place the ship into one of corners, facing into the wrong direction, so it would be lost right at the beginning of a match. Of course we change it back to normal, before the next ship is placed on the battlefield.
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