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  1. Grathew

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    Personally I see Armada working well for write your own backstory. Currently I'm working on writing out a backwatter nebula known as "the dust region" (largely due to lack of imagination on my part) and the Imperal fleet that is tasked with controlling it. I was thinking I'd write it up as this dusty crime ridden backwater with a large set of pre-built ships that I tend to use. For example: Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73 points) - Warlord ( 8 points) - Ruthless Strategists ( 4 points) - Quad Laser Turrets ( 5 points) - H9 Turbolasers ( 8 points) - Ordnance Pods ( 3 points) = 101 total ship cost Might be translated into a hyper agressive flack boat that uses bombers and YV-666 as squadron spotters with the attached tie squadrons understandably frightend of the flack gunners bravado. However with my 'rules' for writing fluff I leave out any unique units or upgrades so I'm leaving Agent Kallus off of the ship and twisting Warloard to another name. While it isn't exactly "my dudes" seeing as I leave off Admrails while building the ship roster I figure at least head cannon wise I'd just rename Tarkin or Motti if I wanted their ablility but for whatever reason didn't feel like having them be there at the moment.
  2. Grathew

    New factions

    I would hope they go "back" to the clone wars rather than add in other more contemporary factions like scum or pirates, largely because of the overlap with early empire and late republic. Meaning we could get republic ships with empire versions. Possibly even rebel versions as the rebellion pushed these old crates into service. Not to mention it would still be more or less in cannon to have the Empire purging the last of the CIS forces. Likewise I could see a fleet of loyal republic forces turning their guns on the senate himself. As for rebel v republic well I chalk that up to war games. I think the pirate or scum faction works better in X-wing than in armada as I find it hard to believe system pirates would end up with anything comparable to a Victory or an Assault Frigate let alone a ISD or Mc80.