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  1. Anyone else wondering why they specify Clone Only on that weapon team?
  2. Personally I think the combat dictor needs a 0 point title that gives it a turbolaser slot. Also an experimental upgrade that is more offensively focused also locked to the combat refit. Otherwise its 3 points for one less experiment and one black flack die.
  3. Personally I think the easiest way to get around the squadron issue is to go to 600 point sector fleet. It upps the squadron points from 134 to 150, a change of 16, but there would be another 184 points for ships. It also would provide the numbers needed to get a solid flacking force on the table. Or provide enough activations to threaten large squadron investments through overwhelming firepower. As for the length of game issue: I find running high squadron activation fleets with enough squadron commands to get squadrons killing eachother, or stuck battling it out instead of moving for position, speeds up gameplay nicely.
  4. My advice would be to base coat it in a color lighter than what you want, wash it to darken everything. Than go back and re-paint everything in the color you originally wanted. It's a pain to be sure but the results are usually worth it. Especially if you are using a slightly lighter color as your base coat than your post wash coat. That way everything evens out nicely. But at the same time it takes a significant amount of time.
  5. What about those landing ships from the Phantom Menace?
  6. I can't tell if this is a hidden Garm gem or a meme waiting to be born. Either way double Star Hawk is intimidating.
  7. Onager Author: Grathew Faction: Empire Commander: Grand Moff Tarkin 399/400 Assault Objective: Surprise Attack Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Doomed Station Onager-Class Testbed (96) - Cataclysm (5) - Reeva Demesne (4) - Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons (5) - Engineering Team (5) - Veteran Gunners (5) - Gunnery Chief Varnillian (6) = 126 points [flagship] Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110) - Grand Moff Tarkin (38) - Sovereign (4) - Leading Shots (4) - XI7 Turbolasers (6) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 166 points Raider I-Class Corvette (44) - Corvus (2) - Darth Vader (3) - Iden Versio (6) - External Racks (3) = 58 points Raider I-Class Corvette (44) - Boarding Engineers (2) - External Racks (3) = 49 points The thought is Tarkin can make sure the tokens get put here they need to be. The engineers on Onager are there so that a token can remove a card if needed or move one gain one shield to keep Reeva active. The engineers on the Raider are to take the damage from the Onager and flip it to face up. Vader is there to ruin any particularly nasty upgrades.
  8. I don't think you can flip Agate's token? It's throw a token to get the effect of said token right?
  9. Is there anyone who prints their own ships/squadrons/etc. for Armada have a 3d printer they would recommend? Currently I have a PLA printer that doesn't seem to handle the scale and detail well enough to make anything worth bringing to the table.
  10. Oh I have no intent of running this, but it could have potential. I'm thinking the plan was deploy at speed 3 and rush to blast anything and everything. But I don't remeber making it so anyone's guess.
  11. So I don't know when I made this, but I found this list in my list builder. It's interesting if nothing else. Tagge has charts Author: Grathew Faction: Empire Commander: General Tagge 399/400 Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Jamming Barrier Navigation Objective: Navigational Hazards [flagship] Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (120) - General Tagge (25) - Electronic Countermeasures (7) - Leading Shots (4) - Damage Control Officer (5) - Gunnery Team (7) = 168 points Raider I-Class Corvette (44) - External Racks (3) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 51 points Raider I-Class Corvette (44) - External Racks (3) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 51 points Gozanti-Class Cruisers (23) - Slicer Tools (7) = 30 points Gozanti-Class Cruisers (23) - Slicer Tools (7) = 30 points 1 Maarek Stele (21) 3 TIE Defender Squadron (16) = 69 points
  12. You aren't wrong, but I don't feel that is something the empire should have. Also I think the Venator should be a double arc ship akin to the Mc75, something else missing in the empire's large ship line up.
  13. It doesn't need to be a full campaign, just the squadron 2 uniques and aces. Maybe another round of upgrade cards. It just feels wierd to do rouges and villans than not finish the civil war squadron packs before moving on to the clone wars. Anyway I'm hoping we get to see some cross faction ships mostly a republic Victory, Pelta, and Arquitens. Empire Venators would be cool, but I don't see where they would have a place beside the ISD. The ISD 1 for example can be a squadron 5 carrier with boosted comms. Add any of the token generation officers to the Empire and you can get squadron 6 out of it. For the cheaper options you have Harrow to be mini-Squall and Squall both comming in tens of points lower. Unless there is a niche I'm not seeing in the Imperial Carrier options, I doubt we will get Venators for the empire.
  14. I hope we get a third campaign style box for the Empire and Rebels before the clone wars starts. I'd like to see squadron 2 pack get their second ace and unique squadron.
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