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  1. First off I'd recommend a bid of some kind if you are comfortable with it. The SSD can get punished by objectives it isn't ready for. 400a You have a ton of accuracy generation. Go with close range intel scan. 400b looks good 600 I'd recommend a comms net to give you some command flexibility. But it's good ad is.
  2. Post it here, I'm interested in seeing what you're going to come up with.
  3. I've done it twice. Won the first time, lost the second. Both erte close games.
  4. Bright hope, Toryn Farr, BCC is all a B-wing needs to ruin the days of most ships. Just be careful about getting too close. Also I agree about the FC/Boosted Comms, one or the other. IMO BC is better due to being able to soften a target with B-wings than shoot with the Mc80.
  5. So to more directly answer your questions. Squadronless Empire isn't bad if you have a plan to deal with 134 points of angry B-wings. Looking at what you have I'd definitely find room for some TIE fighters, even 4 or 6 of them do wonders. Sloane will make your TRCs go away fast. Two accuracy results and no more evade, no more evade means no TRC. Again adding some 8 point TIEs will help. Cr90s are nothing like Arquitens. The Cr90 skirmishes where as the Arquitens is more of an escort vessel. With double redirect and an extra hull the Arquitens will last a bit longer in Blue range than a Cr90 which is important, because of its abysmal maneuverability you will end in Blue range more often than you want. My recommendation is take the Atlanta Gospel to heart: Always be Navigating. It will save your Arquitens more times than you would expect. As I mentioned in my previous post I'd shelve the Glad for now. Get another Arquittens or something. Anything really a VSDI with gunnery teams and QBT/DTT, the Tie fighters I recommend earlier, defense retrofits for the Arquittens, Intel Officers for the Arquittens. As for how well this list will do against the SSD it's not good news. Assuming that the SSD has officer The Senate on board you will have to spend a defense token to attack the SSD. If it has overload pulse and hits one of your ships you loose a defense token to attack it. Likewise your TRC becomes a use than loose affiar. If QBT for long range blue that's only a 1/4 chance of getting the crit needed for overload pulse but to cancel it you'd need to evade mening you're screwed either way. The Cymoon could flip the contain to shoot but again you run into Overload Pulse + The Senate issues. All in all you may have the damage to hurt the SSD but I don't think you have the defenses to survive the encounter.
  6. Personal preference, YTs and B-wings have the same speed so they work well together.
  7. Keep one comms net, make the other a Bomber Command Center. The BCC will make the B-Wings way more consistent, while keeping a token slave for AFFM.
  8. Depending upon how you like to fly Arquitens I would recommend either changing to Slaved Turrets, Duel Turbolaser Turrets(DTT), or Quad Battery Turrets (QBT). Personally I like to keep my Arquitens slow, usually speed one or two so QBT is a better upgrade as it will add a blue the bulk of the time. However this is only really an option under Admiral Vader, so under other Admirals I tend to lean to DTT as I may roll cold, and I can add a red to maybe get something. Else I may roll 6 damage when I need one accuracy and 4 to delete that flotilla. DTT gives me the chance to roll that accuracy. If you want to keep a turbolaser reroute Arquiten I would recommend swapping the contain for an evade with Needa, it will let you keep an evade green for defence and flip one for offence. Similarly Hand Of Justice can also mitagate some of that defence token spending. One change I would make would be to replace Demo with a longer range ship. You have 3 red dice ships and a Gozanti. Demo is going to be without friends and possibly support when it makes it's attack run. However if you can keep Demo at red range and use the rest of your activations to wait out the your opponent before sliding into black range, getting a last first and running away before return fire it could work. IMO it's something you should do after getting some more experience with demo in a all black dice fleet first. Otherwise you will be down 80 points and an activation real quick. As for objectives that comes down playstyle. IMO most wanted is a solid choice for red as you have a Gozanti, if you want to be different Station Assault could also work well. Yellow Planetary Ion Cannon is a fairly good objective, Contested Outpost I would swap spinals for QBT on the Cymoon. Blue Solar Carona is another default objective, Dangerous Territory would also work as you can ignore daming effects of obstacles helping to both protect you and get easier shots lined up.
  9. Has anyone reassembled their SSD? I'd like to see how they turned out.
  10. I ran an Assault plus two coms net this weekend. I see SSD lists needing: a bid usually for second player, crit mitigation, the ability to turn when you need to, anti starfighter capabilities and 'enough' activations. The bid is to hopefully let you choose to go second when a token farming fleet appears, or to avoid grav wells. Crit mitigation could come in a few different ways: DCO, Wessex, Brunson, or any combination. I think Wessex is the most consistent when paired with DCO but that would then force the Executor title for the number of engineering tokens you would want. Brunson 'works' in the but I wouldn't recommend her alone. Just don't bring all three at 400, it's overkill. An SSD that can't turn when it needs to is a sad SSD. Rocks or ships could end up in front of it, it could end up flying away from combat. So if you don't have JJ, Piett, or evasive maneuvers you will be easily out flanked or punished for sailing in a straight line. How isn't super important just that you can. Starfighters can quickly eat through your SSD's defensive abilities. Personally QLT and PDR make a good pairing, ~63% of returning fire for 1 damage which when coupled with flak attacks can help wittle down star fighters quickly. However your own fighter wing or other answer to 134 points of angry fighters. Lastly you need enough activations to let you choose when to acitivate the SSD. One gozanti or raider or something may be enough it might not. Personally I think 4 activations with the SSD is a good number, although more would be better. With all that said I see two branches of fleet building, Assault SSD either a gozanti or two focusing on making you deal with the huge angry triangle, with enough support to keep it alive and Command SSDs that use the native tankineess of the ship to go largely unupgraded for more fleet bulk. I think there is more potential in the Command SSD, but I also see it as the more risky option as it's the 'smaller' of the two ships
  11. My first thought is the empire doesn't have cheap enough and consistent enough ships for MSU. I could maybe see Harrow + Demo + raiders/gozantis and a medium squadron investment maybe working. But that isn't really an MSU when half your points are in two ships. No I think that the Empire will need to reevaluate its squadron group strategy. With either bombing comming to the foreground or somehow getting a better general purpose group. However if the Starhawk only has salvo tokens and is a command 4 ship, I really don't see the ISD becoming displaced from the current doctrine. Cymoons with H9s, QBCs and intel officers might become more common place though.
  12. Well I'm sorry I had a typo. Or that the use of a double negative makes me an arrogant person?
  13. No I don't. I also said I stuggle to see why people would leave, not that they wouldn't.
  14. Maybe I'm an outlier, as I get excited for the new content not always to use it but to see it on the table and a new challenge to face. Take the Onager for example, I honestly only care for the commander from that pack, and even him I'm a bit ehh about, same story with the Starhawk. But man do I want to see them come to the table. I want to see people build lists to Raddus drop Starhawks or charge into the bombardment from an Onager all charge of the light bergade style. Or whatever else could be done. So I struggle to see why people wouldn't stick around. Sure they might not buy anything new unless we get cardstock packs, but I don't think they would stop playing. However I am certain they will come to the forums and complain about lack of new content for their faction.
  15. Tbh I'd rather they build up the new factions quickly. Get out enough for a new core set, as some people don't care for GCW as much as the CW, and two "waves" of content. So probably two or three small ships, and either two mediums or a medium and a large from the Grand Army of the Republic. With one two two small ships, one or two mediums and whatever the Luckerhulk will be for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Along with 4 squadrons and irregular squadrons for each faction. Before comming going to a every other schedule or just a release what we have to keep everything more or less balanced schedule. Besides cardboard and cardstock expansions can shake up the game just as much as plastic ones. Look at Harrow and Vanguard, or the new objectives. So as long as there aren't many or any era locked upgrades outside of the faction upgrades. I don't see an need for more ships until we have four functional factions. If from 2020 to 2022 we get only new ships from the CW I won't mind. As I see it more than half the game is dealing with new threats, and if I get new CIS warships to shoot with my SSD thats cool. Or maybe the GAR has some new balance of squads to ships that turns the squadron meta upside down.
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