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  1. IMHO, I prefer to stick to the proton bomb for several reasons. I use Chiraneau with Dauntless title and ram head on a lot into enemy ships. This have the advantages to take less incoming shots and leave them very vulnerable to the proton next turn in case they try to K-turn or chase RAC. I also favor proton for the damage output when facing multiple ships. With only two ships, it can be a handy tool to deal with droid and TIE swarms. I faced a vulture swarm and a nicely dropped proton bomb dealt 6 damage overall. Very potent. Also my list is actually 200 so the prox doesn't fit. Other topic. What's your opinion on this list needing a bid or not ? I personally think it's fine at 200 and being first player to trigger Vador before a Soontir ability or other token shenanigans. Also for blocking other I5 with RAC. The case is more difficult with Whisper. First player is great to trigger Juke and get the evade before defending but second player is best for repositioning and avoid defending at all. Also if you wanted a bid, what upgrade will you drop first ? All in it seems really necessary.
  2. I played 5 Zetas + ion missile + FCS before the last point adjustement and it felt quite good. You have little chance to lose one ship before it shoots and the retaliation salvo is strong. You consistently fire 3 dice with the missile. Now that the generic SFs have decreased in point, I consider testing new builds like 5 Zetas + passive sensor + Homing missile or 5 Fanoptical Omegas.
  3. Thanks Asmodee France. Now nobody can play wave 4. What a fix ! This is hilarious.
  4. How is that exactly ? Asking for a friend...
  5. No it's like @ClassicalMoser said. All the difficulty modifications are added and checked simultaneously.
  6. Yes. Vader can use his ability after the afterburner action (only if you are not stressed though).
  7. Ximatique

    Defender Thoughts?

    ↑This ! Sometimes the best move you have is that silly 1 bank nobody expects.
  8. To add a bit of context here : The French releases are a giant mess. Waves after waves we are having delayed waves, missing ships in the waves (no 2nd edition reprint for new players), we are missing a lot of the OP kits and nothing seems to be done to fix the situation. The issue is due to massive communication problems between FFG France/Edge (the editor/translator) and Asmodee (the distributor). Some games are just not translated anymore. They are killing the fan base here but they just don't care at all. And now there is the Paris open coming. And the wave 4 is releasing everywhere in the world on July 12th, except in France where it will be available in August. So we, French people, will be facing European competitors without the new content available for us. This is a bit saddening.
  9. Ximatique

    Defender Thoughts?

    I've tried Outmaneuver on Rexler but was not satisfied. It does not trigger often and even when it does, defender can still roll evades. Juke seems better to push the damage through. The only talent I'd consider intead of Juke is Lone Wolf, to have that offensive (or defensive) reroll because you pretty much focus every time.
  10. Chiraneau, and Decimators in general. I feel like they are on the verge of greatness, and that they just need a little push to be very good.
  11. The batktoid prototype can ignore focus or lock requirements to fire ordnance
  12. I think Hotshot gunner is less useful because you already have Vader to remove green token from your target .
  13. Why every time Empire has cool stuff, Rebels have to claim it as their own ? Have we ever asked for Wedge in a Tie Fighter ? No Sir !
  14. What if there was an upgrade in the future that could give the reinforcement action to any ship ? Would it be broken ?
  15. The other day I've faced 2 delta 7 and an ARC with a reinforced Lambda to only take 3 damage. Reinforce looks fine to me.
  16. A 3 forward primary would be too good if it can equip the SF gunner.
  17. Just drops one of these in the middle of the map and watch the world burn.
  18. No you can't fire. You can only activate a ship once in the attack phase. Activating mean checking for valid targets and if able, perform an attack. You already activated the ship to check for target and had none in range at that moment. You cannot check another time. Even if you're still at PS 6.
  19. Only the Ghost title is necessary to dock a shuttle in the VCX. The Phantom title just grants you extra range to dock : range 0-1 instead of range 0 normally.
  20. Ximatique

    What is an "NPE?"

    He has become the very thing he swore to destroy.
  21. Ximatique

    Inert Fat Han

    I'd love to have that Soontir Fel.
  22. Republique: Theta T-2c shuttle, jedi T-6 shuttle, Spice Freighter "Twilight", Naboo shuttle CIS : ROGUE CLASSE STARFIGHTER !!!! Maxilipede shuttle, Umbaran star fighter,
  23. Ximatique

    New Epic

    Consular corvettes for Republic would be nice. I don't think any CIS ship fit in epic right now. Maybe C-9979 landing craft as a support ship. Or Trident class assault ship, with a nice boarding mechanic. Maybe they will do like the Raider et create a new one.
  24. Ximatique

    New Epic

    1. On the contrary, I hope the formation mechanic stay in Epic where I think it is very relevant to save time moving a whole bunch of ships. However, in standard play, one of the donwside of a swarm is that it requires meticulous flying to stay aligned and not bump your own ships. Swarms are already strong enough so it should stay this way to not make formation flying and swarming too easy. 2. It is confirmed that conversion kit will contains new bases (in one piece instead of two as before) and pegs (I think they said it in the celebration panel). It will also features new maneuvers templates for epic and every thing to play the 5 different 1.0 epic ships. It will also be possible to play huge ships cross-faction.
  25. Epic conversion kit : with new movement template, new one-piece base, new rules for moving squadrons of small ships with only one dial and other stuff. Not sure of this one but they talked about a new conversion kit for cross-faction ships
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