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  1. Hello. This kit do not exist. They stopped producing them after Wave 2. They followed by proposing seasonal kits and premium kits in 2019.
  2. - The best defense dice are those you do not roll. Stay out of arcs. - Statistically, Evade is better than Focus.
  3. "Winning is generaly a good strategy"
  4. It's the trophy for the winners of Hyperspace Trial season 1 last year.
  5. No it doesn't prevent him from getting stressed if he needs to turn around quickly, K-turn and Tallon are still red maneuvers. Yes his "theoric dial" is cool. But no blue turns and the chassis he's on is not so great.
  6. You need to switch from "Touch Mode" to "Mouse Mode" to be able to select them.
  7. It it possible to have more than one enemy at range 0 though ?
  8. What Aces are you thinking about ? Imps have none in Hyperspace (except maybe Duchess).
  9. Hi ! I don't know if this is just me but I'm playing a lot on my Android mobile and i find that since the last update the game has slowed down a lot. When the AI is programming its dials, everthing become laggy and it can take several minutes per ship. Same when dice are thrown. It's nearly unplayable and that's a shame because I really like the work that is done here.
  10. Ok so if during Aftermath the attack is considered finished, what about effect referencing Attacker or Defender, like Dengar ? Do they work anymore ?
  11. Hello. I just want to point out that the timing of mines and delayed fuse is incorrect. When dropping a mine directly on a ship, you should be able to choose to fuse it or not to prevent the explosion. In the simulator, the mine explodes first, then you have the choice to put the fuse but the mine is already gone.
  12. Yes I agree the official app is crap but some squad building limitations are currently only available in it and not in the PDF, like the "dark side" force upgrade requirements. This make the official app an essential component for squad building. Therefore the app and the pdf being in conflict is a big problem.
  13. I haven't seen it anywhere so little post to raise awareness that with the new update, there are some discrepancies between points PDF and the official app. Here are 2 cases I found. 1- Nom-Lumb, the new Jumpmaster I1 does not have the gunner slot in the app, despite having it in the PDF. I find it odd that it was taken for example in a News that it is combo-ing with Dengar gunner, if it doesn't have the slot at the end. 2- The B-wing have the new config slot in the official app but not in the PDF. Tell us if you find more. It may just be a bug but if not, considering those cases, and that the two are equal official sources, which one should be trusted for list building ? Also would you use Nom-Lumb if it doesn't have the gunner slot ?
  14. I skipped that, thanks. So this is indeed perfectly clear.
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