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  1. Hello, Our group is completely new to L5R and we started with the Beginner's Box including the premade characters. We had a blast and therefore decided to continue on to the DLC adventure, but before we did that we had the PCs remake their characters using the "complete" rules. Isawa Aki chose to include the ritual "Commune with the Spirits" as a technique, and hence my questions: The generic rituals piece suggests that this is a downtime activity and only in GM approved cases can it be done otherwise. However it does not say how much time a ritual really takes. This can be important to adjucate the time other characters can spend while Isawa is busy. Is there a guideline? Actually maybe not a rules question, but related -- the detection of kami, or the spiritual knowledge given, depend on the manner and amount of kami in the area. Considering they are in the palace of the Emerald Champion, would it be expected that every room has a different amount of kami ? The range bands suggest it is quite a limited area per ritual. However this would imply that Isawa could potentially take the time to search through all chambers for a clue separately. Of course we agreed to not go that far, but I do wonder about the "limits" as provided by the setting. Thanks for any guidance!
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