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  1. @RoockieBoy So far so good. I learned that when I take as many arcs off the board as soon as possible I win, When I get caught up prioritizing a big threat like Anakin or Infiltrator Maul over the Torents/Droids, I lose. If I want to cut a bid, I just strip the shield off Jan. Its not adding anything to my half-life and shes just there to distract from Han anyways.
  2. Happy to see another Fat Han list. I havent considered the E wing, but I also want to switch things up from Jake. I have been running this Han (191 total) Inertial Dampeners, Kanan, R2D2, Trick shot, Engine Upgrade, Cluster Missiles Jan Ors Moldy Crow, Lando, Shield upgrade, Engine upgrade, Trick shot. I spend the opener building up focus tokens, and then Lando Jan after that point. Jan keeps her side arc on Han and gives him an extra die every turn (I have gotten 6 red dice by shooting range 1 over debris field with Jan extra die. Han gets to reroll and Kanan for force modifier, so I usually target lock. Cluster Missiles gets value on swarm lists but more importantly just gives han 270 degree arc without needing to change arcs most games at all. Jan can usually stay alive long enough for Han to make some real punches, and she also throws 3 red dice out the front, sometimes 4 at range 1 or trick shot with focus modifier. Being i5, Jan also gets to usually move last too, so I know if I want to use Kanan to remove her stress on a white manuever or keep Han still. really good combo play off each other.
  3. Yea that rebel list is a true beater.... I run the 2 bomber list so I have a bit more beef than your list, but I have a real struggle with that list. You have to kill the U wing first, unless you have a great opportunity on an unprotected wedge. The Leia turn around is just so busted, especially with B wings, and Cassian removing the stress just frees up Braylen to chase down Soontir. Im not sure how the Steele variant would play this one out, but definitely an interesting match up. Sounds like you flew pretty well though for your matches. I would say that the Steele variant is actually tougher than the bomber variant because you want to flank with all 3 ships, but have to hold one out as carrot and hope your opponent strikes the right one. Nicely done, and the write up was quick and concise once it got into the matches. Coming from a magic background, I can not push hard enough the importance of fruit, trail mix, and water at an event. A lot of late rounds are determined by who is more mentally spent
  4. I would bring 3 of your biggest asteroids. Most likely every opponent is going to bring gas clouds cause its the hottest new item. gives you an edge
  5. Gas clouds arent that important. I run 2 big asteroid and a gas cloud. The gas clouds are forgiving if you hit debris often, but with all your ships having barrel rolls, you can usually avoid that situation. I run 1 gas cloud just so that I have an obstacle I can try to tuck behind if i can escape arc, but if that is super situational, like only once in the past month
  6. @EYEL1NER I have been running the Double Barrage bomber Vader Soontir list for about a month now preparing for a tourny this weekend. The bombers are pretty simple, just come in slow and focus. Barrage rockets just give you 3 dice, but if a bullseye just happens to line up, you get some rerolls. You are moving at I2 so bullseye is more your opponents doing than yours. The bombers are just meant to soften up your opponent. I usually fly Vader close to the bombers, attempting to arc dodge but also focus fire on my opponents ships. Bombers are also just meat shields, usually taking 3-4 shots to burn them down. If you think your opponent is going to close into range 1 after the initial engagement, it might be better to Target Lock >> Barrel roll, attempting to block your opponent and mess up their flying. Vader can usually come in with the initial engagement, burn through his force gaining Focus and target locks, and then bug out to avoid return shots and gain back his force. Soontir is just an opportunist, waiting for a ship off by itself or a clearly lined up shot on a ship facing the wrong way. Try not to stress Vader/Soontir if you can, like its better to just take a shot then to boost/barrel roll into a focus and be stressed.
  7. I run this list. No FCS, im pushing a 3 point bid which seems to be the fine line in my meta. Bombers go in a do work, Vader right behind them and Soontir waiting for opportunity.
  8. Also defenders with Juke are nasty
  9. IF its extended, absolutely 4 phantoms with 3x Juke and 1x Crack shot. Theres no comparison. If thats out, the Generic Interceptors are nice, or you could always run 7-8 tie swarm
  10. If you cut Ion Torps, R2, SU off wedge R2, Prot Torps, and SU off Nora (switch that gunner to VTG) and cut R2 off Garven ... Thats 38 points. You can fit another Y wing or an A wing with named pilot in there
  11. If you want to fly A wings, its pretty fun, but they are not the core of the squad. You build a squad with like Wedge, Luke, another ship and a low costed A wing (Usually always Jake unless you are very good at blocking with arvel). Fly Jake close to the squad, but dont be afraid to break him off and boost out of the engagement. Your opponent will mostly ignore him, so he can boost, barrel roll, focus himself into a good shot without taking return fire. Hes also small and fast enough that in competitive play, you can just run away after your scored enough points to obtain victory.
  12. Theres a couple list running Jake right now. You can find a couple youtube streams also of the list being flown. Its a nice ship, the resistance is just superior, but still for 36 points named I4 pilot, cant complain
  13. He doesnt even have to do that, hes got a 12 point bid, like he can easily take prot torpsl, SU, or afterburners without even stripping han. Im almost on board for saying he should cut Ezra, the Title, and wedge for 2 generic ships, B wings, X wings, and VTG Ion cannon Y wings all at 41 points.
  14. Your opponent will most likely always go for Wedge first. Im a big fan of throwing Afterburners on him and using him like Soontir or Vader, attempting to arc dodge. I would use him as a carrot on a stick, as your opponent should prioritize wedge, so you want him pulling arcs away from Han but not landing in arcs either. Han having dampeners makes this easy too, as you will see your opponent lining up a kill box, and if wedge isnt in it, just dont move han in, and take shots from behind rocks.
  15. You can fly wedge a lot like Vader in a swarm list. You keep wedge to one side and the formation to the other. If your opponent chooses the 3 ships, wedge gets free shots at the flank and you might even be able to swing Jake over for Focus while Wedge TLs. If your opponent goes for wedge, close foils, hit a fast maneuver, and afterburners to bug out while your formation gets the flank shot. Hardest part about Arvel is guessing your opponents moves unless you hit lower initiative ships, which case you can strip a die and alpha strike them after boosting in. All depends on whether you think you can get the block or not. Jake is just value town and slightly cheap, but still just a preference choice since both are so similar in point cost and value. Only other downside to arvel is getting stuck at range 1 missing the block can be deadly. Im a big fan of Ten numb and Wedge, so both are super strong and I like the 2 more shields over hull. But Cassian is ripping stress off Braylen, if Ten Numb doesnt hit any eyeballs, he keeps his stress the next turn
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