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  1. Never assume anything about the game. That is exactly how he is supposed to be. At least the obvious strategy is to have Kangaphant out to limit your opponent's reaping, then when it comes to your turn, reap with kangaphant first and nuke him so nobody else on your side gets sac'd. Though you can have a lot of fun with a kangaphant. Like having harbinger of doom reap.
  2. Also just the point out, the rule of 6 also applies to using cards, which includes reaping - so 6 times is your limit on reaping in a turn, @big rocks. (This is what keeps "inspiration + Witch of the Eye" from going infinite)
  3. My one shard deck with 3 alpha cards in untamed would like this change, but I understand the rules headache of "if you take any action other than playing a card with alpha, you can no longer play alpha cards." https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/03622ed5-b8e4-43ea-813f-f02f002fa26e (Though having a 5 pwr glimmer could be fun.) I also see you didn't look at anything past age of ascension. United Action (a play ANYTHING card) alone makes the break potential of this rule change insane. Just that + sow salt alone can lock your opponent up for a turn. If they were hypothetically allowed in any deck, United Action + Eureka + Glimmer would be an instant 6 aember + draw 6 at the end of your turn.
  4. Which is a shame because I got into the LotR digital game they developed and really liked it. :(
  5. For a card game like keyforge, you typically want to put 9 cards to a standard letter-sized sheet of paper. Then cut them out for play. (friend and I are testing a different game and we have done this A LOT) At 36 cards a deck, you would just need 4 sheets per deck - if you want the archon card, probably just compile those onto 1 sheet. Also note that with PDFs, you can opt to put multiple "pages" per sheet to get a similar effect.
  6. When do you resolve the ability of a "while" card?
  7. So I'm building some decks so some friends and I can try out the new team play options and I had a couple of questions. I know that when bidding honor for drawing, you compare to the opponent across from you (let's call them the "direct" opponent). I assume when bidding on duels, you compare to the controller of the other duel participant. However when things check for dial comparisons (like below and cards with courtesy) do you only compare to the opponent across from you, to either opponent, or to both? I also notice in clan war this cycle of cards I like to call "buy in" - where everyone gets to pay some cost to duplicate the effect of your card. Each one is phrased "Each opponent" rather than "each other player." Just wanted to double check if this was intentional and meant that in a team game, both players on the opposite side could buy in on the card, but your teammate could not. Couple of interactions with old cards I'm also curious about: When cards reference "less honorable than your opponent" does it have to be less than BOTH opponents? Your direct opponent? Either? If you get multiple ring activations (like with Akodo Toturi) do you have to choose the same players both times, or are the extra activations "free form" and you can target anybody? The rules do specify that the air & earth's negative effects "may only be resolved against the opponent whose province is being attacked." If that's not applicable (say I use guardian kami) do I pick the opponent? Finally can I say, I do love this set and hope we get a few more cards for multiplayer in the future. (don't need a whole box set, but a dynasty pack or 2 maybe?)
  8. This whole debate is starting to prove the point that they need to compile all the errata card images (if they exist) into one place.
  9. Thanks. I'll see what I can craft. (I had actually saved all of the codes from the packaging too) EDIT: Hmmm... are you sure they are updated? Just starting with the core set: http://ffgapp.com/qr/L5C01 And the first two errata listed are not updated.
  10. This. I build and sleeve decks for myself and my friends all the time and it would be no problem to print out the errata and put those in the sleeves to make things much easier for newbies (and myself who might forget which card out of my usual clans has an errata). Heck send me the images and I'll make the PDF myself for everyone. (is there a spot they've all been posted?)
  11. Got a story from last night. Recently got this deck and was testing it out. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/419c4b73-59e1-4c4e-842a-20e115aea7ed Not only did I get mega narp out, BUT I played Narp's brew on him. Then next turn I attached explo-rover to him. Turn after that, the other brew in the deck, along with Fyre-breath. At the end of that turn, there was nobody standing on my opponent's side of the table. My buddy and I joked that a drunk-driving Narp just ran over his entire battle line. (then a sic symper tyrannus caused the car to crash into a tree)
  12. Awww. Well let me know if you want to meet up in the crucible. The app's been giving me problems of late as well. I keep hoping they'll add a set filter to it soon. SO HERE'S A QUESTION FOR THE GROUP. What are your bets on the Gargantuan creatures? Dino - Already seen. not-Trek - I'm betting it will actually be their starship "enterprise." untamed - I think we've already seen it - he's on the box art, a mega king niffle kong. Dis & Sanctum - probably large demon & angel respectively. Logos - I'm hoping for a mech, but I'm also wondering if it will be a fully grown project Z.Y.X. Shadows - Completely stumped on this one. Though I do think given their trends, it'll probably be a whopping 10 power. lol
  13. Umm... what? I just went and double checked. Star Alliance has 3 cards that capture aember (and 3 that steal). Comparatively, dinos have 6 cards that capture (and a half - I wasn't sure how to count gargantodon's "convert stealing into capturing" text). That's also including the best capture card in the game right now: tribute - which is literally Terms of Redress with a "exalt to repeat" stapled onto it. Extreme nerdity: The trek capture cards are spread out - 1 each in common, uncommon, and rare. The dinos have 3 at common, 1.5 at uncommon, and 2 at rare. And since I'm in the mood... for Sanctum: CotA: 8 capture AoA: 8 capture (2 reprints) (and finally, trek has 1 creature at 5 power - sanctum had 13 at 5 or 6 power in CotA)
  14. Interesting. In games my buddy & I were playing, we had great luck with a C.Marvel (leadership) and S.Hulk (aggression).
  15. Really? I thought Sanctum had the most in common with Saurion. (both run heavy armor, frequently have aember piled on their people, etc) Well I guess the ambassadors allowed out of house interaction which StAl does, but then Logos is more like StAl since it had phase shift and other cards to allow play/use.
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