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  1. What's Mars favorite drink? Marstini What's Logos favorite drink? The same thing they had tomorrow.
  2. What's shadows' favorite drink? Whatever you're drinking right now. ("Hey where did my cup go?")
  3. So this brings up a question I was talking with a friend over. When FFG gets the "official" KF online going (and if they're smart, they'll hire whoever runs the crucible), which would you prefer? Just like it is now? Your registered decks are the ones you get to play with, no more, no less? An "online only" environment? After all, with the sheer number of decks that FFG said they could make, the physical produce should NEVER reach those numbers in a single set (I mean it would be nice for it to be that popular, but I doubt we have enough trees). So what if the decks in the app were additional iterations that hadn't been printed? The app says "769,069" decks found, what if the online game was 800,000 more decks? Or 1.6 million? Should be even easier to build them digitally than physically. (though I would hope the digital decks cost less than the physical ones) Or even some kind of combination of these. What would be your vote/thoughts?
  4. Simplegarak

    Going To Time

    One thing I'm curious about. Is the gameclock on the GEM site itself or is it up to the store to set it? Because to me it seems like sealed rounds should get more time to them than archon ones. At least with archons one should know how to play them and be able to go quickly. With sealed since they're new decks it would probably take more time as players figured out what to do. Though last sunday in the final round, myself and the player I was against playing out for first played went ahead and agreed to play it out - screw the time clock - as we were so close. (his deck has just about every aember disruption in it) In the end I squeezed out a key abduction for the win. Previously that player had beaten me. So sometimes it's hard to tell how the game might actually play out.
  5. I'll note you'll probably never find that "perfect" deck. Even some of my favorite decks I always can imagine 1 or 2 cards that I wish would be removed for different ones. (i.e. I have a Brob/Dis/Shanc deck with Round Table & it bugs me that brob & dis didn't come with the knight creature in those houses) Every deck has its flaws and you'll need to learn to love those flaws.
  6. It really can depend on the selection. The first horseman deck I got had amazing synergy with the brobnar house it was paired with because both of them had a ton of "use creatures" effects (anger, inspiration, etc). Conversely what made the deck so bad is that the Mars house in it just did not sync at all. Another deck I have has Carlo Phantom (play an artifact - steal an aember) which makes it synergize well with the other houses who at least brought 2 artifacts along as well. Can't really tell you what cards you should look for until you know which ones you like. Bad Penny is nice if you have pawn sacrifice or seeker needle in your deck. Cards that bounce creatures to your hand (like wardrummer) are great with creatures that have "Play:" effects. Silvertooth is fun with upgrades that give you reap effects like Silent Dagger or Duskrunner. And don't forget that traits can go across houses. "Round Table" also buffs & affects 1 brobnar and 1 dis creature. Niffle Queen can pump some Mars creatures. But if none of that gets in your deck, then you're out of luck. Of course Library Access + Phase Shift is always gold. Anyway, if you want to know like... common cards that are almost always useful... Dis - Fear, Lash of Broken Dreams, Ember Imp, Succubus Logos - Library Access, Phase Shift, Wild Wormhole, Mother Shadows - Bait & Switch, Miasma, Shadow Self, Urchin Untamed - Regrowth, Dust Pixie, Hunting Witch With those cards in the deck you can usually build combos from or at least slow down your opponent to set up a combo.
  7. Mars is really hit or miss. You'll either get a deck where they kill, or a deck where they flop, almost never seen one where it's even. Don't discount Brobnar right away either (like I did). Remember that the fundamental rule of the game is "do as much as you can on the card." If brobnar clears the other side of the table (or can't fight because of foggify) then all their "ready and fight" cards just became "ready and reap" cards meaning a few brobnar creatures could suddenly flood your aember pool. Some of my biggest aember turns have been with Brobnar.
  8. We could do sometime a "0 chain archon" tournament. Every deck people bring to play must be one that has 0 chains on it.
  9. I get that, the problem is that it's also incredibly good for playing on the turn you've forged a key and your opponent is about to. You've dropped to 0, even if they're sitting at 6 the one card puts you halfway towards getting your next key. It's good for catch up AND for snowballing your opponent. A chain or two on the card would leave it playable in a desperate situation while making it less appealing in a "win-more" situation. (Or even worse... a player has had an ether spider blocking them all game - they finally kill it to get all that aember they've been denied... and opponent bait & switches next turn - yes I feel dirty for doing that a few times myself)
  10. Yeah... they really should have put a chain or two on bait & switch. (really a few things in shadows seem a bit unbalanced)
  11. Nah, that's what Bad Penny is for.
  12. Simplegarak

    Wild Wormhole

    By far my only frustration is with WW is that I'll either play it early, and get something that would have been really sweet after I had done my other plays (like a Ganger Chieftan before I've played creatures) or I'll play it late and get something that would have been an amazing set up for the turn. Otherwise I don't think I've ever had a real devastating play that I can recall. But I'd still rather play it then not. Going 2 cards deeper into your deck (more if you've played library access) is nothing to sneeze at.
  13. Oh definitely spider == dis. Let's just throw out Crane to make it all fit. Nobody will miss them.
  14. Yeah, that's why I stressed that it wouldn't be tournament legal, just for the kitchen table fun. Nah, J/K. Why do you think Phoenix for Dis? That's the one that I really can't follow. (I'd maybe switch your Lion & Unicorn but otherwise could see those) I've seen that in some alerts of other games I follow ("we're doing a millenium blades tie-in"). How is that? The card layout doesn't appeal to me much so I've never looked more into it.
  15. how do you define "feature"? I'm thinking more of a niche, fun product, like Magic's "Un-" sets (complete with silver borders). More of a joke for fun than anything much for tournaments or power levels.
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