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  1. So you get several of your buddies together and all of you punch them, eh? (Meanwhile the scorpion convince someone else to punch them while ruining that person's credit rating.)
  2. Just implement the rule our playgroup has and anyone bringing an infinite loop deck will be punched by their opponents.
  3. I'm still wondering if project ZYX allows you to play an opponent's card in your archive or your card in an opponent's archive.
  4. It helps that one of the best sources of honor in the game is the air ring, so as long as honor decks have to fight over that... you'd get some interaction. (with the fire ring being second) Oh yeah, guess this is a good point to get into this for @gmcc. So the "FIVE RINGS" in the game title? Those are referencing the 5 elemental rings. (Air, Earth, Fire, Void, Water) In the game these are on the table to be fought over. When you aim to try and break an opponent's province, besides picking the type of skill you'll use (military or political) you'll also pick the ring you're going to fight over as well. The person who wins the conflict, gets the ring. If the attacker gets the ring, they also get a bonus effect that varies based upon the element. So there's benefits in the game to swinging at an opponent even if you can't break their province in the fight. As referenced in this post, if you attack someone and win the AIR ring, you get to choose whether you want to gain 2 honor or take 1 honor from your opponent. Once someone has claimed a ring, it can't be fought over again that turn. At the end of the round, the rings are returned to the table from the player's control to be fought over again the next turn.
  5. Hah, well I play for fun and flavor instead of trying to break the game so don't expect to see me in any kind of top koteis.
  6. Whoops. Edited to fix. Thanks. I have no idea why I can't ever remember that number. I've mixed it up over and over again. lol
  7. There are 2 big catches to remember in this game. The first is that there are NOT separate turns for the players. Instead there is one big turn during which we would both participate. The "first player token" is used to denote who gets to act first during each part of the turn. So if I had it, during the turn I would play a card first, then you, then me, then you, etc. The parts of the turn are: Dynasty (we play our characters) Draw (get cards from your conflict deck) Conflict (actually fight over provinces) Fate & Regroup (clean up steps) The second big catch is the fate phase I just mentioned. At the end of the turn, characters leave the table (because time waits for no man). However when you first recruit a character, you are allowed to place fate on it from your own pool to ensure they will be around to help you for an additional turn or two. If a character has fate on them, 1 fate token is removed instead of discarding the character. Remember our example from earlier? He costs me 4 just to get into play, but if I want him to help me out the next turn, I'll have to add some fate to him to keep him around, meaning he could cost me 5 or 6 or 7... etc fate total by the end. Oh and "tap & untap" in this game is called "bow & ready" respectively. And that is the bare bones basics of the game. Think you got it from here?
  8. You bring 2 decks to the game: Dynasty and Conflict. THE DYNASTY DECK Contains 99% of your characters (which we saw in the previous post). Holdings also go into this deck which can strengthen your province as well as provide some utility during a game. If this holding was on the province in the previous post, you would now need 7 to break it instead of 4. During the game 4 cards from this deck are dealt onto your own provinces. Then you play the characters from there. Cards that go into this deck have a white back. You are allowed 40-45 cards in this deck. THE CONFLICT DECK Think of this as your combat tricks with which to surprise your opponent. This is the deck you "draw" from and which you have a traditional hand of cards. It can include up to 10 characters to help supplement your armies along with attachments and events (as seen in the previous post) to supplement your skills. Cards that go into this deck have a red back. You are also allowed 40-45 cards in this deck.
  9. Since I just recently taught some new players... There are 3 ways to win: Get to 25 honor. Your opponent reaches 0 honor. You demolish your opponent's stronghold. The starting honor ranges from 9-12. So the most common method of winning is #3. You do this by breaking provinces. That's these things: They represent the lands you control during a game. Each player will bring 5 of them with them. 1 goes under your stronghold, the other 4 go between your 2 decks. See that number on the card? That's the target your opponent wants to hit or exceed in order to break it. How? Each character in the game has 2 skills: Military & Political. This guy has 4 military and 3 political. So he would be able to break it militarily but will need 1 more to break it politically. You'd be able to get that by either sending additional characters along, or by playing cards to boost his skill... Once you have broken 3 of those provinces, the path to the enemy's stronghold and your victory will be clear.
  10. Yeah, the deck is very situational and @Narjhan will just need to play with it and figure out which directions to move with the deck. Be like water and figure out some great synergies on the fly.
  11. Depends since AoA introduced a lot of reaping punishment. If something would punish your people for reaping, you have an out for it.
  12. I'd also say that if you want to, you could get a core set with your favorite clan pack (unless your clan picks are one of the 3 yet to be released - in that case you may have to wait) and build at least a rudimentary deck to play with just to check how much you like it. Then after that you can see about getting dynasty packs and additional cores as you want.
  13. Hmm... Dis side just looks like a generally useful layout. No clear combos except Snudge/The Terror if you happen to get a turn where your opponent has no aember. Shadow wise... Booby Trap could hit a Truebaru & Dust Imp for a bunch of aember if you can get them damaged. As I said above, Mack the Knife hitting your bad pennies is some nice aember. Then untamed is just... 4 apes with 2 queens? I'm surprised you don't have a troop call in there. Shame you have 2 key makers in that side without easy methods of generation. The best combo possible it looks like is dominator bauble on WotE if she manages to live a turn. Bouncing Lifeward after sacrificing it or playing mind barb twice could be fun. She and snudge are your only good Silent Dagger targets, unfortunately. Yeah it's subject to board wipes but sometimes in this game big creature decks can be more fun to play. I'd save the deck as a good one to play with newbies and show them how the game works.
  14. What are you talking about? With mack the Knife he can pop one of the pennies for an aember every turn. It's a seeker needle loop without the house restriction. That's great synergy! (will go over the rest later but that just popped out at me)
  15. Maybe they can do an artifact focused atlantis-fish-people/lost-civ style house.
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