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  1. For us the player, sure that would be outstanding if a company would allow the use of models of an entirely different game so we don't have to spend more money when we supported a prior game they made. Yet, for them it would be terrible sales since could use totally different game models instead of buying the current game models; which if not making a reasonable profit then why even do it!? Think of your job if have one, if you worked for free would you still be there in all seriousness with some exceptions excluded!!??. Beyond business, the models are different in many aspects to relate to the specific game it belongs to, and as time goes on in most cases yet not all the quality increases. If the deep concern and concealed question is why did you invest in a bunch of models & such for a game from a company, then that game ended while they made another new game where you need to buy literally everything new... welcome to nearly every game known to man, for that is the nature and the risk of each game with some exceptions from videogames, tabletop, card, board, roleplaying, etc... Best I could suggest is stay far away from franchise material for it is often finite.
  2. Tokous

    Pierce clarification

    On page 54 of the RR speaks of this, though indeed not as informative as one may like... While the above answer is correct, I'd like to lightly expand on it since many others have had the same question throughout the game. A lot of "veterans" (Been playing for a while yet still never learned the game correctly) tend to use shortcuts, which typically confuses those who are still learning...and even those who do already know the rules lol. It's a lazy way of doing things, which I could never agree with personally. A lot of the time it's actually incorrect with a aspect of truth mixed in, which doesn't make it correct like they think it does. Which the source of this question comes from! Like the classic Darth Vader has pierce 3, so lets do auto 3 hits on top of what results you get. It isn't auto 3 hits! The real rule is you still roll your normal defensive roll, then subtract afterwards the result. That certainly could be way more than just auto 3 hits, and with impervious it might even end up with less! One example of a legit shortcut, though still should be played out without yet certainly may if both understand the rule... would be, a unit of imperial scout sniper shoots at a stormtrooper unit, which is heavy cover. The scout sniper rolls one critical hit... you could just shortcut saving time by auto eliminating one stormtrooper, OR (do it the lengthy same result way) The scout sniper removes 1 cover, making it light cover which still doesn't apply against a critical hit, the defender rolls One defense die, literally anything and everything they could roll is either fail or negated, which ends up being one hit. While in the prior point about for example purposes darth vader ... Commander Darth Vader does a melee attack against Boba Fett, rolls 6 red dice which equal say 5 hits/crits (doesn't matter about specifics in this example) with pierce 3. Boba Fett rolls 5 red defensive dice + 3 more because of impervious. Out of the 8 red dice he rolls 7 blocks, minus 3 from the pierce equals 4 blocks and 1 hit successful. Big difference compared to auto 3 hits! While I could greatly expand on the topic, this should be enough. Hopefully this helps, if I made an error please feel free to assist.
  3. Wasn't implying could make a 800 pt list with 4 units, just pointing out those 4 are the minimum required to have regardless of build. When it comes to a 800 pt list, yes 5 is the least at the moment. I got to 620 with the Empire, using Emperor Palpatine and 3 Shoretroopers.
  4. Minimum activation is clearly 4 ... the must have 1 commander & 3 corps. Maximum for the Galactic Empire is 15/19 currently with barely any upgrades, and Rebel Alliance is 16/18 doing the same. Average is typically around 8-12, where 9-11 are more common competitively at the moment.
  5. Tokous


    Just so everyone is on the same page of understanding. Originally I think the question's source came from the Golden Rules from how it was worded based on my opinion. Maybe was talking about the 2nd bullet. However... Reminder text also on page 4 of RR 1.5.0 & 1.5.1 says... Given typos, misprints, errata, etc etc., the Rules Reference is the most up to date and accurate source of all information about star wars legion.
  6. Certainly could use free actions though even with no actions left, if had them to use and not exhausted.
  7. Off Topic yet hope you all stay safe, Florida and any other states that get hit by hurricane dorian.
  8. I'll explain while answering the question... No Time for Sorrows: When a friendly trooper unit is issued an order, it may perform a speed-1 move. On page 11 of the RR 1.5.0 it explains about Abilities, Upgrade cards and command cards also contain abilities. Each ability describes when and how it is resolved. If the timing of an ability uses the word “when,” that ability’s effect occurs at the exact moment of the described timing event. So, you certainly may issue an order using No Time for Sorrows to Leia, she does the speed-1 move. Now being in range 3 of this other friendly trooper unit, can now be issued a order using No Time for Sorrows too.
  9. Might need a Roulette rake to move units in that dense forest lol, nonetheless really good job visually.
  10. Perhaps look at a army builder, wiki, or resource that shows and informs you about the units within those core sets along with the expansions of each faction. Each faction is different in multiple ways than the rest, and play different too. Research goes a long ways ... look before you leap type of thing. There are plenty of videos with battles for you to visually see the units/factions in action. Podcasts and articles to provide info, etc etc. How many of either core sets? Depends on what kind of army you want to build, play style, strength & weaknesses, and how effective of a army, etc.. Typically x3 provides max amount of units with a bit of room for customization; each will provide a commander (1 min, 2 max), 2 corp troop (Need 3 minimum, 6 max), 1 support unit (0 min, 3 max). Despite your opinion about the expansions, you might want to consider them as they can for sure make the army better. When it comes to assembly, FFG Live just posted a video about the clone wars core. The clone wars core will require way more effort with the addition of tools compared to the original core set that for the most part is extremely easy and quick to assemble. Clone wars core set assembly, Check it out below... If you would like to shake things up a bit, perhaps buy 1 or more of each core so you have all 4 factions. Otherwise learn the play style of each faction and find the one that matches how you currently choose to play. Although, keep in mind that the clone wars is new so it doesn't have the amount of expansions as the rebel & empire factions just yet. However, that will quickly change as they are going to be releasing more clone wars expansions til it is caught up. To answer your question about why to wait for clones wars, beyond it being a different faction that plays different it will include a Upgrade Card Pack which yes could be bought separately that includes 60 upgrade cards that were released and included throughout the many expansions of the Rebel & Empire expansions... so you don't have to buy those to get those upgrade cards if you are planning to only play Galactic Republic/Separatist Alliance. Also, you'll have the errata version of cards. Beyond that, not really any particular reason I can think of. Yet those aren't strong reasons to abandon choosing to play with Rebel Alliance/Galactic Empire, and choosing the Rebel/Empire just because they currently have more expansions isn't a strong reason either. Furthermore, who said you need to pick one! Add some spice playing with more than one faction, leaving your opponent guessing.. opposed to ... oh here comes that [Faction] player again. Additionally, if it matters... the price of Rebel Alliance/Galactic Empire core and expansions beyond what is new can be bought for less money, yet the clone wars is brand new so that won't be the case. Overall, No matter what you choose i'm sure you'll have a blast, even more so if you make a educated choice based on learning as much as you can about each faction. Hope you the best, and this info was helpful.
  11. Nice data! While looking though the lists I noticed on 7/27/2019 that it should be Rebels instead of Imperial. Unless their army is incorrect. Minor error typo no big deal, keep up the outstanding work.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/6/beyond-standard-issue/ Awesome!
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/30/the-doom-of-the-republic/
  14. When visiting https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/swlegion/ you can find small scale army builds and games in the Asset > Operations. ^ Replied same time lol, nice.
  15. Interesting debate, I GET the original question. Re-worded: While on FFG LIVE it was clearly stated that fire support would for that round at least skip the rally step of the unit used and instantly end that units turn for the round; however really doesn't answer the question about what happens at the end of that units activation when if comes to effects since it is instantly considered activated; which upon being activated would or would not any effects then be applied that specifically should be happening upon the end of a units activation? When it comes to my opinion, I'd ask FFG. As it really doesn't clearly answer your question.
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