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  1. I'd ask him exactly where it says this, perhaps you can educate us all sincerely. Initially what jumped out to me was the whole cohesion thing, but I don't see anywhere that says the entire army needs to be deployed on the same elevation. Personally, I never heard of it and would've challenged his authority as the judge to confirm this beyond say so. As a official judge in other games, I always had print outs, laptop, etc so I could prove I wasn't making up stuff if ever challenged like I didn't know what I was talking about lol.
  2. looks great, clean, and scaled well. good job.
  3. Tokous


    Outstanding, not an issue at all.
  4. Tokous


    I will better answer your question, Since you are using Vader, as long a unit is within range 3 of him they MAY be immune to panic if use his courage in the rally step. At this current time, every single commander's courage value if in range may be used in replace of given trooper unit when it comes to only Panic. Suppression always applies so far, which is equal or more suppression tokens to courage value. Double equals Panic, using Darth Vader while in range your units may never be panic, but could suffer up to loss of one action though. Since nothing prevents Suppression, once you gain enough suppression tokens that are equal or more than that units courage they lose one action. Once again, using Vader in range, if you reach double suppression tokens to your courage normally that would mean they are panic yet that doesn't apply using Vader's - courage if in proper range of him which normally is 3, but could be higher with upgrade cards. Using Krennic, if all conditions applies to do it. Krennic's effect can allow a unit an extra move by gaining an suppression token as long as it isn't panic which if in proper range of Vader they can never be panic. Since the stormtroopers or anything with suppression loses a action among it's two, it only has one. Using Krennic's ability allows it to have two actions, lol, yet with the perk of having light cover from the suppression. Unless I don't understand something, you won't be getting any 3 actions with any unit doing this at this point. Now to answer your question, No. If using Vader and Knennic, within range of a stormtrooper unit with one suppression, no they won't have 3 actions, but they could have two actions with krennic. Suppression is -1 action among the 2. Krennic gives one if you are losing one. Which is the same as you normally would get but now you have suppression tokens giving you light cover. You only ultimately get two actions.
  5. Tokous

    But I'm to big

    I don't believe the creators of this game some how without knowing and testing mind you, made a unit that was too big to deploy or the way they want it to be able to be deployed. I personally don't know the actual dimensions of this unit, though if the base can fit range 1, then this entire thread should be considered void. If the base is actually larger than range 1 (Not the unit cause that doesn't entirely matter in this case) then that is interesting and odd at the same time, a major dilemma indeed which should be explained in the rules. Even if not, it should be then played in a way it can based on the rules. Since, it is intentional. Everything game wise has a merit and flaw, for if it had a merit merit then it is unbalanced and screws up the game. And when it comes to it, even if it must deploy sideways, whatever, it is meant to do so. Then, just deploy it sideways in a way using terrain blocking its sight.
  6. Tokous

    But I'm to big

    I don't believe whether or not the actual model is off the table/board matters much or sticks out, it is the base that matters; so if the base fits then you're alright.
  7. Tokous

    But I'm to big

    aim to not play Battle lines and Disarry, thats 2/6 to worry about.
  8. Maybe Vallejo Model Color Stencil or Pale Grey Blue, with Vallejo Model Color Beige.
  9. I don't know entirely what you have and don't or how many of any given imperial unit, though I would strongly say to design an army and proxy what you don't have and play it against a lot of different armies imperial or rebel soon to be clones wars factions too while playing several different combos of the condition/deployment/objective cards to figure out what works best for you. There is no right or wrong answer, yet upon doing that will you figure things out more clearly. Hopefully that info helps you out.
  10. Tokous

    Specific Minis?

    They wrote up about this, more or less its mainly what azeronbloodmoone said; reason being is if a rule criminal use's scout troopers in replace of stormtrooper unit, the opponent legit may think they are a scout trooper unit with all keywords and such. However in fact they are stormtroopers, which for common sense reasons gets very confusing, and in a way is a newer form of cheating. If allowed they will actually claim and use the unit as scout troopers, unless at that time you are mindful enough to catch it. When it comes down to it, overall just paint the unit it actually is differently. Whether legit or not, all this nonsense adds to cheating as it becomes considered accepted. Personally, I don't care any excuse anyone would ever claim, I don't agree with it. The unit should be what comes in the package, beyond that starts dipping into allowing cheaters to confuse their opponents with seemingly literally any unit they want to claim as a substitute whatever actually is the unit. When it comes down to it just don't, as it doesn't make any sense and helps cheaters find a way of cheating.
  11. lol based on the title I know how you feel. Outstanding, thanks.
  12. I think maybe that might be apart of the issue, using paints from a company from an entirely different game. Hopefully I am wrong in your case, yet I use Vallejo and never had any issues. Personally in my opinion and I used to play Warhammer too using Citadel for my necrons, I like Vallejo better. As I said in a few other posts, even the white can be used over black. Personally and maybe unfortunately I haven't found anything better than Vallejo yet, and originally I used Citadel. Maybe or not it is each to their own; regardless when it comes to Star Wars Legion I strongly believe the colors Vallejo have are better than Citadel which is more of a Fantasy Medieval anime feel rather than realistic...for all the haters, the hues don't line up with reality at all in the star wars universe or in ours either though very much match what would be shown in an anime or fantasy coloring. You of course may use any companies paint, since I am not getting paid or affiliated in any way to vallejo.. I'm speaking from a source of personal experience and through all my life having unusually good grades & awards in art/drawing. Some other companies are needy, they need you to use lighter shades to use lighter shades yet vallejo doesn't. You can prime a storm trooper black then paint white, and the white is the exact color straight out of the bottle applied. Ultimately, regardless what paint you use know its pros and cons and how to use it.
  13. I use Vallejo acrylic paint and never ever had an issue with white, it even works over black primer. Hopefully that helps in some way, as each company has different pros and cons... maybe it is the company you are using that is the issue not you.
  14. I'd first say it really depends on what paint/primer you are using. I use Vallejo, where the white can be painted over black and not be effected. I tried both Black prime with paint (both Spray can and brush applied in bottle) and White Prime with paint (both Spray can and brush applied in bottle) for Stormtroopers (and others), to answer your question without extensive detail... Black Prime with paint- Don't have to paint the black suit under their white armor, and for the most part can focus on the white armor. Though I did use black paint over the primer and paint. Or White Prime with Paint- Don't have to paint the white armor over the black suit underneath, and for the most part can focus on the black suit areas which can be harder yet less to do. Though once again I did paint over the primer and paint. Additionally, if and when wear happens- With White primer it still looks like the white armor. With Black primer it will look like armor damage or dirty armor. You also could use both primers, though masking tape or something similar would be beneficial blocking the areas you don't want primer. I haven't tried it yet in Star wars legion though will at some point. Turned out great in the past. There are many pro's and con's, going back to start... depending what paint you are using, time, painting skill, personal opinion how well painted it should be (some like it realistic with lots of detail while others keep it pure basic less effort), products available, etc. Each person is different, and what works for them may not work for you vice versa. Time and practice will reveal your path.
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