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  1. damon_estrada

    How do you play in group ?

    I use a tv (roughly 50 inches) with my laptop and a wireless mouse. I have an external sound card which I route to external studio monitors to get the true atmosphere of the music that is embedded in the app. Depending on if my friends are up to it, I have an rgb lights synced to a mythos phase transition button that turns the whole room a dark low red (can get old fast). I recommend buying on steam, I got a dlc for $3 for some coupon rather than the $5. I only wish everything could sync up (I play with the phone only sometimes as well).
  2. damon_estrada

    Lovecraft audio books

    Nice find! I have been reading the Complete Fiction Barnes and Noble edition and man is the grammar and choice of words beyond my comprehension sometimes (I have a dictionary at the ready). I have been looking to get this and the other volumes that Audible offers. I have heard good things as well. https://www.audible.com/pd/HP-Lovecraft-The-Complete-Fiction-Omnibus-Collection-Second-Edition-The-Prime-Years-1926-1936-Audiobook/B07CPKBY9Z?ref=a_pd_HP-Lov_c5_lProduct_1_2&pf_rd_p=65d90c29-eff1-4be3-9785-6ed41e3e7842&pf_rd_r=5JR7T36966AMCQAX7T58&
  3. damon_estrada

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    Hey guys, sorry to keep bugging about this spreadsheet. I recently bought the 1st edition of mansions of madness since it was cheaper than recurring nightmares. However, it came with 24 monsters but the spreadsheet says only has 18. Is there an error here? Thanks in advance. Edit: Never mind, i guess 18 is what comes with the box. I wonder what the extras are for.
  4. damon_estrada

    MoM expansions

    I feel the same way, Ivan. I think the way I am trying to go about it instead of paying a premium fee is to buy the base game from the 1st edition on Ebay which in turn is the same as Recurring Nightmares expansion. I have asked around on YouTube and people say it is a better alternative. The base game 1st edition is going for around $30-50 used with all monsters/tiles. I have seen a new one in factory wrapping go for $60-80. Not the most ideal way to go about it, but it is certainly better than paying $100+. Suppressed Memories is a different story...
  5. damon_estrada


    The way I play with friends is once one moves into a space containing water (and if they don't have any equipment to ignore the effects of water) is to forfeit the remaining of that move action's turn. For example, if I was playing with Rita Young who can move three spaces with her unique ability, and say I moved into a space containing water I would forfeit the remaining two moves I would usually have. However, I do not forfeit my whole turn as I still have another action left (moving out of the space containing water would not forfeit my turn). That is how we play, not entirely sure if that's how the mechanic is intended to be played. Forfeiting an investigator's entire round is a bit steep in terms of difficulty (especially in the scenario "hidden depths" when the ship is sinking).
  6. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    I do the same. I super glue the figures to their bases, then put a small dab of glue in the corner to prevent the ID token from falling out. Has worked well so far.
  7. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    Maybe for the custom scenarios (I finally tried them out and making one). Or if people lose a good amount it is nice to have some extras.
  8. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    Right, I didn't mean that bugs are overly present if that's how it came off as. I meant that the devs seem to care for their creation so they are actively removing and fixing bugs.
  9. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    NICE let us know how you like it. You'll like the formless spawn!
  10. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    I have been meaning to look at the custom scenarios myself. They seem to be active on bugs based on the github repo I looked at. It can't hurt to try them, but I know what you mean on losing all progress in a game because of a bug. Play the official ones, and if you get bored or want something different try it. I hope someone made a scenario that bridges all expansion tiles into one big investigation. I love 5+ hour games with food, custom one shot sounds on a pad, and rgb lighting control to set the mood. This game is great for all of it.
  11. damon_estrada

    Some questions

    If you can GET HORRIFIC JOURNEYS! I recently got it at the end of January and it has been a blast to play with friends. I played the scenario hidden depths with my girlfriend and brother and it was awesome to not trust anyone (since someone might or could be a deep one hybrid from the agenda cards). I just ordered Beyond the Threshold, Sanctum of Twilight, and Streets of Arkham on Amazon so I cannot comment on those until Thursday. The benefit of buying a bigger expansion like Streets of Arkham and Horrific Journeys is that they offer different layouts of scenarios. Cycle of Eternity started off with the titles from the ship in horrific Journeys instead of the ones from the base 2e. The quest is to now get suppressed memories and recurring nightmares...for $100+ each since they are out of stock and being sold for that much on eBay.
  12. damon_estrada

    Streets of Arkham availability

    I just bought this expansion on wednesday. For some reason, it was $47 on amazon which was the cheapest I have seen it. Now it has gone back up to $55. ^ +1 the person above said. I have seen people sell the base second edition on apps such as mercari, etc. Just keep looking, there's a lot of places that have this expansion in stock. It all depends where you are and how much you want to pay.
  13. damon_estrada

    MOM2e Game Spreadsheets

    Hello, I bought all the yellow sleeves for the base game and expansions. I was just wondering the difference between the orange sleeves ffg recommends on their site vs the green sleeves recommended in the spreadsheet. These are for the investigator cards right?