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  1. Slapping Resist Disarm on a couple of them seems liek the best course of action. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  2. Title They're not even using Sum Djem, they keep using 3 advantages to force a character to drop their an object, which for an Inquisitor would be their weapon. I have used it against them before so I guess it's only fair, but it was in a battle against Dathomiran wildlife. But is there a way to resist this disarmament? Am I reading the rules wrong? Thanks in advance.
  3. Exactly what it says in the tin. One my mandalorian players wants to buy a flame thrower attachment for his Mando armor. I already have the stats for Boba Fett's flame thrower which is what I'm basing it off but how many Hard Points do you think it would occupy? On a secondary note, what rarity should it have, and what kind of mods?
  4. There is an uber-tank in the party that I'd hate to give cortosis weave to. But if it's unprocessed cortosis... I really like this idea, it'll be just as much of a plot hook as the force users' hook. And the uber-tank won't be getting his grubby paws on the weave for a long time too since they'll have to manage to get a deal that let's them keep the processed cortosis somehow, and while unprocessed it'll be useless for him. It also falls a lot in line with the reality of what would be in a Separatist ship since their war effort did include fighting Jedi a lot of the time. Thank you so very much for the suggestion!
  5. Basically I want them to get a good reward that doesn't undermine their expectations for a end of adventure treasure, but that doesn't reward them excessively. I want to give one big thing, like a Kybler Crystal or an Holocron, to the force users and a bunch of secondary profitable items to the more traditional mercenaries of the party. I'm gonna make them invest the reward they got from Reom into this endeavor, so I don't wanna lowball them, but also I don't want to overshoot and deal with an over-equipped nightmare. I should clarify that this is a six person party.
  6. My player's work was pretty through. The killed all imperials that landed and managed to complete the bigger mission before the 10 day time-frame in which imperial reenforcements are said to arrive, so I wanna reward them for their efficiency. And right now my players have cash to pay for a very "encouraging" level of equipment, and they're very motivated. I implied that the "safe" part of the treasury has not been compromised by the flood due to heavy plating. I kinda wanna know what would that kind of "encouraging" equipment be? Also, have some good ideas for "plot hook" items, I just want some secondary treasure ideas for the more greedy members of the party.
  7. So, I'm just finishing wrapping up my first campaign ever with this system, and my players were excited about helping Reom escape Raxus Prime and now they're on the "epilogue" of sorts, dealing with the aftermath of their mission. They're planning on buying stuff from I so-tech with their newly received paycheck to try and head back to Cholganna to collect for themselves the lost treasure of the Sa Nalor and rescue the rest of the survivors that they couldn't fit in their ship. This is fine, and even expected, but I've run into a bit of a problem. The book doesn't even try to detail what sort of equipment and types of checks my players would need to achieve their goal. And even worse, the book doesn't bother to try to detail at all what the treasure itself is! It vaguely alludes to precious metals, but I have no idea on how much and what else of interest might be hidden in a Separatist ship Treasury. Half of my party are force users, so I'm tempted to throw an Ilum crystal, or any other type of Kybler, in there, but I'm still drawing blank on what else to put there, and the method the party should use to get to the treasure itself. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. What do you usually put inside Holocrons when you do use them though? None of my Force users have Mentors, so I thought a Holocron might be of help
  9. I like the idea of a Holocron, be it Jedi or Sith. It's too early for a Lightsaber, but maybe a Kybler Crystal?
  10. Hey, second time posting in the forum. I'm running a game that has half and half EotE characters and F&D characters, and since I'm a newbie GM I decided to go with a published adventure. Most F&D adventures are too focused on the mysteries of the Force so I decided to go more EotE flavor-wise before going the force route at Knight-level, but I still want my wannabe Jedi players to feel included and rewarded while walking around with the outlaw crew. What do you recommend me to add as side quests or plot hooks to my beloved Force users in the Beyond the Rim adventure?
  11. Thanks for the advice oneeyedmatt87! I do have the beginners' game that comes in the F&D core book, but it seemed a bit too skewed towards those who might want to follow the path of the Jedi, and there are quite a bit of rogues with EotE character sheets joining the party. I've heard of Beyond the Rim and it doesn't seem like it would be hard to insert a Jedi subplot in a quest for a derilect CIS ship from the Clone Wars. Thanks for the tip!
  12. That's for Knight Level play, though, and I'm working with a bunch of newbies. Is there anything that works well for a beginner party also?
  13. Hello there, first time poster here. I'm planning on GMing a star wars game for my friends, I have the FnD book, but some of them wanna play Careers from EotE and AoR. That's fine and dandy since I actually wanted to GM for a mixed party in the first place, but since this group was built in such short notice I wanted to know if any of the published adventures, be they for FnD, EotE, or AoR that would be ideal for a mixed party.
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