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    I wish

    Im was thinking about Keyforge, and they said they are making a Holliday special cards, so I'm making my own but they don't take suggestions but I'm doing it anyway. So this is what I got so far. St. Patrick's day: I would make the leprechaun. Easter: the Easter Bunny and a card called egg hunt. The 4th of July: Uncle Sam and some kind of fireworks card. Halloween: the Headless Horseman, and a flaming pumpkin. Thanksgiving: a Turkey. X mas: Santa, the reindeer, and a card called Christmas Eve. I'm trying to make a 12th card because their is only 12 cards per faction in a deck so I want you guys to help me make a 12th card thanks. After I make a rough draft of them I will post them later.
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    I'm mad that ever since I heard that a second season was coming out I started working on some new characters and factions . Then just 5 minutes ago I found out they don't take any suggestions.
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