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  1. Pretty cool, I like it. Nice way of teaching your son how to play as well. I want the Icon to burn! 😁
  2. Hmmmm. Yeah guess I can wait. Currently it sits on a shelf above my tv in my mancave. 😁 I have the feldherr case and foam for all my other ships.
  3. My go to is usually feldherr foam but they don't currently offer anything for the Starhawk. Was wondering what you guys have found.
  4. I feel like it's one of those cones you get for your dog lol. But good idea nonetheless. 😁
  5. Rage! Anger! .... 😑😁 10 hull on a medium puts it in Crusier class to me. Maybe 8 hull would be more of a better option and it would still be considered pretty tanky. Depending on the points it would cost to field one of these at 10 hull and they are a medium based ship... someone running 3 of these would have more hull to get through than two Star Destroyers . Yikes...
  6. Resurrecting an old thread but I just got my starhawk not to long ago and this was a good idea. I did exactly what you said and put a strip of paper on the peg... much more stable and the ship feels nice and tight.
  7. I too like the way you put that. I was thinking of the way it was thought of when it was first designed and used as a main ship of the line. To a star destroyer or modern cruiser it would be more akin to a frigate now a days, although maybe a "heavy frigate" designation would be in order. Off topic but still kinda related... I think a Lancer frigate for imperials and a Ranger gunship for the rebels would cool as anti fighter ships. Would give new options....
  8. Still, gave me some ideas though. Thanks. I was maybe thinking a liberty just to add even more forward firepower, but those two ships would be alot of points.
  9. I just got mine today. I am also curious how people have been using it so far. Haven't decided what I want to run with my hawk yet.
  10. I paid 10 bucks a piece for 1 B-wing squadron and one Y-wing squadron on ebay because I really wanted them. Of coarse not long after that the packs came back in stock and I got one but ah well... I do feel what you guys are saying though. I have a few stores around me that carry armada products, x-wing too if your into that... Im in Michigan. If any of you guys that are close by need locations I can let you know.
  11. I'm getting my Starhawk this coming Friday. Can't wait to try it!
  12. Tanky medium base ship (7-9), but with low firepower, 1 squadron and command 3 min. This is a good idea points wise for this ship I think, with exception that it should have a little more firepower at broadsides than an assualt frigate. I like the idea of it being rebel or imperial but, definitely would have to include both factions upgrade cards in one box and not more than that. One thing though... when you look this ship up... it's classified mostly as a "heavy crusier" so wouldn't it be a bit more beefy than an assualt frigate? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Dreadnaught-class_heavy_cruiser
  13. I've only seen it one time. But now I wanna see the pack of corvettes firing at the star destroyer. I did not notice this the first time around. Why didn't they do much more of that.... ? Shame.
  14. Arc 170's, v-wings, jedi starfighter, y-wings for the Republic and different variants of vulture droids for CIS. Maybe Naboo starfighters? Can't think of anymore off the top of my head. I'd be interested in that list also.
  15. I really didn't care for it... I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I enjoyed TLJ more than TROS. I own every Star Wars movie on Bluray and I don't know if I can bring myself to buy this last one when it comes out... Their I said it... I feel slightly better now.
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