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    question about dreadful menagerie

    Oh, yes, never doubted about it. I apologize if my previous post sounds like too "prescriptive"... it was just my coward way to easy win. bye
  2. Il peggiore

    question about dreadful menagerie

    for those interested, this is my way to finish this quest (the most difficult of all, IMHO). 1) You need ONLY success token. Use it to rebounce giants' damage against giants and ABOVE ALL to not spawn enemies at green peril space. Use AID action, and again AID action and again and again and again. 2) NEVER TRAVEL. You don't need any further enemies from new location. You don't need any upgrade too: you can beat giants with only not-so-cool basic actions. In this way I've finished the quest at last green peril space.
  3. Il peggiore

    question about dreadful menagerie

    thank you! I think wording is to be improved...
  4. Il peggiore

    Expansion featuring Campaign settings

    Yes, I'm expecting too a campaign mode for terrinoth. And i'm not fan of app: if i want an app, i play a videogame, not a board/card one... see ya
  5. Hi everyone. About Dreadful Menagerie... It seems too easy... I think the phrase "if there are no giants in play OR in the menagerie deck" should be changed to "if there are no giants in play AND in the menagerie deck" ... or not? Because twice I managed to kill the first two giants that appeared, cleaning the battlefield and winning the scenario in the second round ... or I misunderstood the rules of the quest? tnx
  6. Il peggiore

    Some clarification

    Hi Budger, thank you for answering. 1 & 3) I agree completely with you 2) Calming Presence says: "you may exhaust 1 enemy engaged with you" and the effect is repeated similar for another hero even if all the other activation cards are axhausted. It does not specify minion, master or nemesis, it just says "enemy"... 4) Yes, the red space is very poor worded. I played it referring to the "grim rule" and assuming that the creators of the quest wanted to close the heroes in a time loop, from which you could exit ONLY with the "way out" card ... so, whenever I ended up on the red space, I returned to the blue space ... I had no difficulty finishing the quest, because with "calming presence" I ran out of the dragon almost every turn ...
  7. Il peggiore

    Some clarification

    ERRATA: "enemy enemies" is "nemesis"
  8. Il peggiore

    Some clarification

    Hi everyone. I have loved a lot WHCQ and I am very fond of HoT. I've just finished all the quests. I have some questions: 1) "at the beginnin of the peril phase" happens before, after or at the same time the resolution of the peril effect? (as in "the Dreadful menagerie": if I have defeated all the giants in the game and arrive in the blue space, have I won, or are two other giants spawned?) 2) "Calming Presence" can also exhaust enemy enemies? because if so, it makes all the quests VERY easier. 3) in "The silvered mirror" the perk token on the blue space moves on the green space or on the hourglass? 4) in "the silvered mirror" the effect for the brown space "move the token to the blue" is applied every time, or only "if there are any exploration cards in the nemesis lair" Thank you all. PS: it's a very nice game, fun both in "solo" and in company. I hope you will soon be expanding with campaign, gears, new monsters, objects, enemies, characters, locations, etc.!