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  1. And they're now listing this and one other for a July 26th release: Imperials and Rebels 3 Adversary Deck uSWR13 | $6.95 July 26th New Release Republic and Separatist Adversary Deck uSWR14 | $6.95 July 26th New Release
  2. Yes. Just solicited to stores yesterday: "FFG USWR16 Star Wars RPG: Adversary Deck - Republic and Separatist II Featuring 20 NPCs from the Collapse of the Republic sourcebook, this adversary deck keeps your campaign at your fingertips!" No date given, of course. No MSRP, retail up to stores, maybe $6.99 to $7.99.
  3. No, It releases on Thursday 04/18, per FFG.
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