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  1. thanks guys much appreciated for the clarification.
  2. Hi, I've recently played a couple of games with two fang fighters and a spacetug for random carnage, which always seems to make its points back in all the wrong ways. I'm loving flying them! My question is this: The Advanced proton torpedoes are ordnance, and so cannot benefit from extra dice. Does fens ability allow you to have the six dice shot at range 1 and The charge token on the torpedo - is it the number of uses as well as the changing the hit to the crit, or can you use them repeatedly providing you can get a lock.? thanks
  3. thank you very much for clarifying
  4. just to add to the bomb damage questions - The ship suffering damage - am i right in saying that the damage is automatic stopping the ship from making an evade roll?
  5. Would ffg contemplate the option of issueing new cards and a dial for it and make the expansion pack stuff obselete? not ideal i know but...
  6. Like an idiot that totally passed me by!
  7. since Solo mentioned he pilots a VCX in the Solo movie do we think there might be the slim hope of a Han card in the vcx box?
  8. Splendid! thats how i read it. my opponent was trying to pull the if you have four charges you can bladt four qualifying ships. i said... er... no.
  9. Hi all, with cluster missiles do i only get one extra attack, or as many attacks as i have charges and ships in range? many thanks.
  10. chrome not-SR71 would be a lovely looking thing.
  11. is there a Qui-gon Jinn card? I can't seem to find it in the app.
  12. i'd actually really like to see the manoeuvres grid like you used to get in v1 in the app. it would be really useful for sure. so smoking nothing - thanks for asking.
  13. thats great, thanks for the explanation. I was probably just over complicating it for myself. So that's good, any bombs - rear guides irrespective - simple to remember.
  14. Sorry to open up an old thread again - this has been really helpful. So to be clear, if the card says (in the case of Deathrain) "Launch or drop" then I can use the forward facing of the ship for a bomb or a torpedo? And trajectory simulator because it has the LAUNCH word attached to it, allows me to use the 5 forward template out of my front guides? thanks in advance.
  15. great, thanks guys. I'm pretty confident that opponents will be sticking to their recipe of swarm TIEs, so I'm confident that playing these lists on consecutive sessions and mixing it up will give my guy some practice with different ships and play styles. I've gone and won me a brace of five ties, so I was going to paint three in rebel colours and the rest chop up and repaint as mining guild TIEs to team up with my existing guild TIE. I haven't cracked out my Y-wing yet in second so I'll be looking forward to that.
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