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  1. W1sh

    Duck and Cover

    Just need some clarity here. So what I understand is if you use "Duck and Cover" upgrade card you can improve your cover by 1 and take a suppression token. I take away that if you are out in the open, you may take a suppression to gain cover 1. That right?
  2. W1sh

    Mortar line of sight?

    Awesome, thank you. Kinda sucks, indirect weapons shouldn't need line of sight in my opinion. Should be able to drop loads out the sky on enemy units. Oh well, thanks again.
  3. W1sh

    Mortar line of sight?

    Ok so do attacks like the AT-ST's Mortar(range 4 to ∞) and Leia's Bombardment(range 4 to ∞) need Line of Sight?
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