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  1. They were originaly extremly sun orientend in the 4th edition and the sea theme is also very prevalent so i'd says a lot of invocation calling on amaterasu and suitengu. Otherwise they are long long ago desendent from the crab so i could see more utilitarian name, would also fit the whole ireverence and piratical theme they got
  2. Thanks a lot. that confirm it I'll probably make up my own name. Happy gaming to you
  3. I'm a bit confused by the tradition and naming of the different invocation: from what i understand in the side note on page 190, if a invocation doe not have a name in your tradition he does not exist "yet" but once in game you could name/discover it ( but not get it from the start or without work) But many school give starting invocations that don't have a name for them in the tradition naming system they use ( fire from withing as no alchemical name, but is a starting invocation choice for the agasha) On the other hand, there are no "utilitarian" name (used by the kuni) in chapter 4, are the main name the utilitarian name, are they the only school to have access to all the spell. Am i reading way to much rules into what is essentially a lore thing ? thanks for the help
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