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  1. I really like hate on Vader. Is sooo thematic: if he gets shot aka it hurts he gets ANGRY! plus you can play really aggressive with him! I like 'shopping' with Vader: take ALL the actions, spend all the force. I know it’s coming back. On Soontir: stealth device and predator. That extra dice is so helpful when he blanks out with his three regular ones. (SD dice is not prone to blanking out, y'know!) And I second ProxyMines on Duchess. So much fun (and deadly, too)! But, alas, if you want to go big competitive: the deepest bid wins! Plain simple. So practice, find what upgrades you like - and get rid of any not crucial stuff!
  2. Woa, that means I can LOCK a bomb/mine⁉️ Although one can’t shot obstacles and devices...
  3. Are there any shenanigans Vader can pull off after moving through debris?? Asking for a friend ;-D None of I know as the stress is applied as part of the maneuver, (so afterburners work) but he can’t use his ability because he’s stressed...
  4. Version 1.2.0 mobile iphone issues: 1. I live in Germany. The in-app language is set to English. BUT when I export a list as PDF the language of the PDF is German! I need it to stay English (as in the settings!) e.g. for international tournaments! 2. The sorting of ships in a list seem to follow no rules?!! They are NOT sorted following initiative-value, nor point-costs, nor chronology of adding the ships to the list... It seems to be random; furthermore the sorting CHANGES when I save a list again, or export it! This is highly annoying! : - ( I wish for a consistent sorting order (best if I can choose). 3. The 'go back' buttons are most discomfortable! Usually I just want to go back ONE STEP — but instead the app redirects me to the main menue!! Then I have to click through all the menus to get back to the list I was working on... : - ( 4. Please do print a lists NAME on the PDF. Preferably with special characters and emojis allowed. 👍🏻🤩 Thank you so much for fixing these! sincerely
  5. N1: The term 'revealed maneuver' makes their abilities even stronger: what if they bump/ didn’t 'fully execute' their maneuver?! —>ability still works! 😄 ...instead of a wording like 'executed' or worse 'fully executed' maneuver.
  6. Welcome to the game!! 🙂 did you already found your answers? - in requires the ship to already have a 'red coordinate/boost' action on its action bar - in order to equip a card which grants a white coordinate/boost. So not every ship can be equipped with tac-officer or engine-upgrade! second part is called 'linked actions' and can be found in the rule book. It allows you to do an action – and then 'link' into another action. So you do two actions. It’s pretty good! Usually the 2nd aka linked action is 'red' and gives you a stress token.
  7. Soooo, you are stating that if you would gain e.g. 3 focus tokens - and you 'Jyn' – you gain ONE evade token instead of the THREE focus tokens?? I'd play it that if you would get 365 focus token you can choose to get... 100 focus tokens and 265 Evade tokens. ??
  8. Yeah, especially those TWO EXPENSIVE SHIP guys. They REALLY benefit from fast play as they become stronger during the game (their ships stay while you loose ships and become weaker)! Well, just the opposite: take your time — and don’t let yourself be 'forced' into rushed mistakes...
  9. Please help! It all comes down to one question: Scenario: AP-5 coordinates a friendly ship that is stressed. That ship performs one action. Now can that ship perform a linked (red) action (and gain a second stress token)?
  10. There is no START or END of an action! And the term 'while you coordinate' is just the wording they use. Please read the rules reference again, p. 8 coordinate, additionally: While a ship coordinates, the coordinate fails if no friendly ship can be chosen. While a ship coordinates, if you choose a stressed ship, it can not perform actions. (because of rules) While a ship coordinates, if you chose a ship with exactely one stress token, it can perform actions (and link off of them because of rules). AP-5 coordinates a friendly ship: His player announces the coordinate action, measures range, choses a valid target - and the coordinate action is resolved (ended!), now the next instance of the ability queue takes place: the coordinated ship my perform an action. Oh, and it can perform actions even if it is stressed.
  11. Golden Rules. The card ability takes precedence. Here: a stresssed ship can't perform actions --> but AP-5: if it has exactely one stress token it can perform actions Do you agree? puuuh, well. No. Actions are performed. Then they are performed. I've never read anything about a start or end of an action?!! Please show me any text that refers to that. But every single action has a lasting effect. - If I perform the evade action I gain an evade token. And this token stays with the ship till the end of the round. All the while that ship is evading (official game term). - If I perform a boost action I change my position (permanently). Sometimes action are altered by a card text: e.g. collision detector lets you move through obstacles which is normally not allowed. Well, AP-5 lets you perform actions when you are stressed. His action is indeed performed as soon as he has chosen a target. The action did not fail = 'fully performed'. (You could say he started his coordinate action, choose a valid target and thus ended his step/ instance in the ability queue. But that's not game-terminology.) Then you proceed to the next instance of the ability queue: that choosen ship performs an action plus linked action or otherwise granted actions. And whoooops it may even do so if it is stressed! Because it is written on the card.
  12. well, no. The 'rough walkthrough' is just not everything/ not complete/ doesn't cover every possible situation. e.g. if i would just follow the points 1 to 3: point 3 says 'the chosen ship performs one action' --- there's nothing about stress!?!? --- so if I coordinate stress becomes irrelevant? No, of course not. I still do not agree with the term 'end of an action/ action is finished'. I prefer perform an action. (Hence my statment that there is no 'end' of an action. It's all in the ability queue: you perform an action/ you resolve it's effects and then the next action... AP-5s card says '...it can perform actions.' There you have it. If it wouldn't be allowed they would have worded it like advanced sensors 'After you reveal your dial, you may perform 1 action. If you do, you cannot perform another action during your activation.' That's pretty clear! And the text for linked actions in the rules reference, see above: linked actions are always allowed/ there are no special restrictions to performing linked actions yes, they can always be performed. Please show me any statement or rules that restricts linked actions! Regarding coordinate. (There are restrictions, like ionised or advanced sensors... I won't stat that the linked action is coordinated, no. And the coordinate action is fully resolved as soon as AP has declared a target. But AP-5s ability is still affecting my ship, because he does not say only one action or you can't link from that action! He say in fact actions, leaving the field open for multiple actions: linked actions/ actions granted by effects triggered by the coordinated action/ whatever new rules will come actions/ ...
  13. Maybe that helps: a ship can (almost) always perform linked actions. Regardless the source that is. So, as nothing denies a linked action after being coordinated, linked actions are allowed.
  14. Ah, OK. The points 1 to 3 are a rough 'walkthrough' what to do! Nothing more. The actual rules and what to do when and what that means are elsewhere.
  15. 'coordination occurs up to the point the ship being coordinated has performed an action according to the rules reference.' where did you get that from?
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