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  1. à la Oli (79) Leia Organa [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (8) K-2SO Points: 87 (62) Luke Skywalker [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 62 (48) Thane Kyrell [T-65 X-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 50 Total points: 199 I saw Oli P. flying this, similar to yours @Schanez Flew it a couple times: very nice because three ini 5s, three double-modded attacks each turn. Not exposing a tokenless ship after a k-turn. suprisingly Leia flies more like Rey than any other falcon! Arc to the front, instead of the 'usual' circling.
  2. Yes, thank you ffg! 😭 ...so the p. 20 rule 'can not take place' is just ignored? Outdated? i thought 'can not' is ubiquitous?! or is this case (can not gain = can not take place) referring to something completely different...? PS: thanks for the fast answer Meffo!
  3. Can Holo really transfer the lock back to Kylo?!? 😳 Hm, what about ‘the transfer cannot take place'?? As per RR p. 20? ...it directly contradicts the Holdo ruling... Plus: Holo would benefit from it! For Holdo it’s near irrelevant, because it’s all a 'may' in Holdo and no one benefits from the breaking lock.
  4. Haha, nice idea! but it would massively benefit ships with lots of green dice... them would become even more tankier. (auto-thrusters are back!) the mirror token would be an evade-mechanic-ish token for attacks: 'you can spend this 💥-token to change any one red die to a hit result'. and 'while you perform an attack you may cancel one hit/crit result to gain one 💥 token'. or maybe we get a new action that grants you a 💥-token aka a definitely hit result during your next attack. plus of course an ability that lets you carry tokens over to the next round. Like the new decimator which can carry over a reinforce token....
  5. What do you mean with Ezra's Roll>Evade action?? THX
  6. Plus, I consider it to be nice and 'fair play' to use correct model. As I play ‘visually' a wrong model would utterly confuse me! (I don’t look at the baseplate or cards - for me all information I learned about the ship, it’s dial and abilities are in my mind linked to the specific plastic model.) plus, the couple bucks you safe... are not worth it IMHO I suggest to support your FLGS. 🙂
  7. The picture of the upgrade card 'passive sensors' is missing the small triangle indicating that it’s charge is recurring! ¡thank you!
  8. Haha, S-foiles are 2 points! I thought they would be free... Funny, that some people would’ve priced them at 10 points... thoughts: - you have to spend a lock! When I fly Bees they NEVER lock; so that’s a new challenge. - you can’t spend the lock! And even if you have FCS, you can only reroll one die from the first attack (and makes the B more expensive)... - you have to equip a cannon! And all the cannons went up in points... - plus: hyperspace cannons are so so... A good list? With lots of Bs?? Hm..... Bla Bla Bla (50) Gina Moonsong [A/SF-01 B-wing] (3) Tractor Beam (2) Stabilized S-Foils Points: 55 (52) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing] Points: 52 (48) Ten Numb [A/SF-01 B-wing] (3) Autoblasters (2) Stabilized S-Foils Points: 53 (40) "Dutch" Vander [BTL-A4 Y-wing] Points: 40 Total points: 200
  9. https://eruletho.wordpress.com/ check this blog! the guys been flying different kind of swarms (though TIE/ln's are in all of them). even on with 4 barrage bombers! check all the articles, his 'flying circus ' evolved... BUT it’s always swarm+ace. inspired by WW1 ace Red Barron and his squadron.
  10. Well, we know something: 'During this phase, each ship engages (...)' So, Rush definitely will engage eventually every round! Pfffew 🙂 I'm with Shaun here (though it's all speculating for another 5 days): - bullet point 1 makes it clear that higher ini shoots before lower ini, hence 'descending'. - But you always start with the highest available ini. (Added the word for clarification.) This would solve that problem - but would maybe also be precedent for a rule that is CONSTANTLY checking something. 😱 Which nothing in X-Wing does so far... Or you can strive towards something something like the ability queue: if a ship ascends initiative during this phase, and thus missed the opportunity to engage at its initiative, it is added to the front of the queue and (but) after all the ships with the current initiative. PS: it's so JOYful to try and clarify rules, or get them straight! 😉
  11. I had fun with this list: Jan flies way behind, the Bees in formation and do the job. Whoever has NOT the bullseye gets the extra die. Lots of damage, lots of health + selfles. if the opponent jumps over the Bs and try to kill Leia - turn around and free shots for them. Leia is nice, but obviously the Bs don’t depend on her. Only 'trick' is to leave Jan&Leia way enough behind: once the knife fight starts the bees stay on the same spot, but the HWK can’t go slow... (51) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing] (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points: 55 (48) Ten Numb [A/SF-01 B-wing] (2) Predator Points: 50 (43) Blade Squadron Veteran [A/SF-01 B-wing] (3) Selfless Points: 46 (43) Jan Ors [HWK-290 Light Freighter] (6) Leia Organa Points: 49 Total points: 200 ...and now so looking for the s-fold and Gina!
  12. Grand write up! did you so far tried Sloane with an Interceptor swarm?
  13. Don't rush!! 😉😂 ...and wait for the points update and the proper release of Rush. They might’ve said something something in the stream that Rush gets to shoot immediately when he becomes damaged in his 'limbo-zone'. But my memory might betray me with this one.
  14. I agree; and murky it is. ...the differences I see are: - additional actions are granted only outside the perform action step, eg. PA, or are explicitly mentioned, Nodin. - AP5 doesn’t allow linked actions (because... see the other thread). —> as Chopper's 2nd action would happen exactly at the same time as your normal action - I definitely miss some mentioning of it being a 2nd one! hm...
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