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  1. Somebody clearly plays on Survival mode
  2. Green Ronin has a system built around ASoIaF/GoT and it's kind of an odd duck. They treat intriques like a combat encounter, with something kind of similar to stain. I don't know that a Genesys adaptation would necessarily need a mechanic based around intriques and scheming, but instead just letting that play out in social encounters. The funny thing is, despite its reputation for being around schemes and plots(which are the same thing, I'm told) GoT doesn't involve all that much scheming and/or plotting.
  3. Have you looked at the Martial Artist specialization from EotE: No Disintegrations? Plenty of good stuff to crib from there. One thing to consider is how much Wuxia you want to incorporate. How fantastic/wire-fu should the Martial arts be? Basically is this Crouching Tiger, or is it The Raid? Is it both? As far as specific recommendations, what about: "Redirect When a melee or brawl check by a for generates a failure or X threats, may stagger opponents until the end of their next turn." Might make for a good move for styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that rely on using an opponents force against them.
  4. I just want to mention that I really appreciate that within the first few pages you call out the issues of prejudice in settings like the Wild West. And the iron plate in the armor section is nice nod to Fistfull of Dollars (or Back to the Future 3 😉)
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    A quick question

    Yep. The dice should be interchangeable
  6. Noticed that Tier II Signature Powers refers to "casting a spell". I'm sure this is just a copy/paste situation. but probably a good idea to be consistent in distinctions between "spells" and "powers" And I would agree that psychic implements are going to be pretty setting specific. My own setting uses a kind of metal (called psionium because I'm a hack and a fraud) that acts as a kind of conductor for psy energy, and psions use what are basically wands (that look like weird little tuning forks) to channel their powers. I've also been playing around with implements that can be ingested; basically a potion or serum that would, for example, reduce the difficulty needed to add the Burn quality to an attack (perhaps with a side-effect of some kind) There are fewer examples to draw from in fiction than straight-up magic but "real" psychics often claim that such-and-such an item can help focus their abilities. Crystals, gemstones, mirrors, musical chimes, divination cards etc.
  7. Very cool. I've been wanting to introduce psionics to my setting so I might steal borrow some ideas from this. Question: would you handle strain in a similar way to the Genesys Core Book? Specifically, taking two strain each time you cast a spell/use a psionic power? Also interested to hear how you might reflavor magical implements such as wands, crystal balls, etc.
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