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  1. Hey 1st post in the Genesys forums. I am planning a Weird War game set in WWII, it will start as just a regular war game and then in the 2 mission I plan to have them to interrupt a summoning ritual, exposing them to the powerful energy and giving them all the choice of super characteristics or a magical skill. Given that magic is more versatile at base and makes it the more powerful option. With super characteristic I have the option of varying the amount of characteristics that they can apply it to. So I was looking for advice on the amount of super characteristics you'd suggest giving the balance out access to a magic skill?
  2. Exactly and is doable all in one spec while leaving more pips to spend on advantage, since you don't have to spend 2 pips on just getting your saber to fly out and back at medium range. It would take 3 pips and a out of career cross spec into sentry to get saber throw to long range. So yeah Aratu striker with force leap, the most thematic power to combine with Aratu, is way more power gamey than combining it with saber throw. I don't get the guttural reactions of NOOO!! some are having besides maybe they just already hate and want to do away with Ataru to begin with it.
  3. No I haven't would prefer some suggestions before investing money into anything.
  4. Hey I'm thinking about running a FaD game as the backup game for my online group. I'm pretty confident in my grasp of the rules but adventure design is a weakness. So I was looking for some good modules for a FaD game, both official and unofficial. Sex in advance.
  5. My reading of the no double dipping response seems more that you don't get to roll your force dice twice as the poster had asked. The responses often seem rather simple and direct. Rolling your dice twice as was asked is clearly an abusive and bad interpretation so was declared wrong and they moved on. When a more detailed and reasonable interpretation was asked about it was declared valid. The two rulings don't contradict each other instead the second serves to provide greater clarity on the issue.
  6. Narratively it could be a really rapid spin on the saber allowing for multiple hits as it passes the target or simply hitting them again as it returns to the force user, but I have submitted a question to the devs.
  7. There is nothing in the talent that says that though. It is simply take 1 strain to perform the maneuver and your next lightsaber(Agility) combat check gains the linked quality with ranks equal to your force rating.
  8. I don't see why not as long as you use lightsaber(Agility) to make the saber throw attack.
  9. The rulings work together and it all makes sense. The heart of the 1st ruling is you don't get to multiply your force rating by the number of force effects you can apply to the roll. The 2nd ruling states you can spend force pips on any effects that can apply to the roll provided those extra effects don't require their own separate action to activate. So yes this does make epp and flow a very useful power and highly thematic as masters of the force use it to quide all their actions making it less stressful for them. Remember the base effect of removing or inflicting strain is the only one that effects the current roll. The upgrades to add advantages or successes only apply to further uses of the skill before the end of your next turn. So you could always just attack with epp and flow one round and then hawk bat swoop with some auto advantages from the previous round. This just let's you combine so you could choose to spend each pip for an extra advantage on the current roll (hawk bat swoop) or to inflict/recover strain now/add extra advantages to your next roll (epp and flow).
  10. Sounds really cool man. I'm new to the system though so no big awesome builds yet. Currently playing a Niman Disciple I plan to take into arbitar soon.
  11. I miss read that thought he just changed martial artist to steel hand. Missed the part where he changed starting career too.
  12. Um by RAW you can only take signature abilities from your starting Career. So if Windrider started as a Niman Disciple he can't ever learn Unmatched Ferocity, unless the GM is house ruling it.
  13. Nice so sounds like if you have multiple force effects (Talents/Powers) that can be applied to a roll they function by just increasing the number of ways you can spend your force pips on the roll.
  14. Well based on what is said in the description of the fluff and that Vaapad is available for players to learn in the default time period suggests that the Developers, and by extension Lucasfilm, feel any PC practitioner can develop and master the Vaapad technique with enough dedication and practice. The reasons I say this are, one by your account there were only 3 practitioners who could teach it. Two of which died roughly 20 years ago and the third is hiding out on dagobah presumed dead, and highly unlikely to be mentoring a PC. So the default is that there is no one to teach it to a PC already. Second in the specialization description it says it is a form likely to be practiced by those lacking in formal lightsaber training. So it seems that the developers assumed you are probably going to be learning and mastering Juyo and Vapaad on your own. Which is probably why it is such a long winding path to those talents.
  15. Sounds like you are looking for a warrior career. It even has a piloting specialization in the core, the Starfighter Ace. So you could start with that or if you want to star focusing more on the combat side you could go Shi-Cho Knight, which is a lightsaber form.
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