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  1. Great painting job here...and also glad to see I'm not the lasted one to join the 'Legion' 😀
  2. Great job, the Flames are superb!!
  3. I'm preparing 2 Stormtroopers Jedha Patrols using Bucketheadbits back packs & Pauldrons..so hope the images can help to give you the idea......I'm very happy with the result...
  4. Hi Guys, take a look in to Skull Forge : https://www.shapeways.com/shops/sun-and-skull-studios he has done it again ... magnificent miniatures ... the Mimbanese are here, let's invade them!!!😁
  5. 😲 subperb Kommanderkeld, very well done!!...difficult to say ...this miniatures is not form Sorastro's, I'm painting so many year's and I can't achieve this level...never mind....that's why....Sorastro's tutorials...work so good!!!
  6. 😮 ....impressive tables!!!
  7. Already put my order on Skull forge studio, waiting to get his great figures!!!
  8. Happy to see some one finally take in consideration the Mimbanese people. I hope can receive my bits soon, can't wait.
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