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  1. ... my League of Justice ... Flash - Batman - Spiderman - Hulk (from left to right) p.s.: I'm not an expert on comics, but I fear I mixed the Marvel and DC Universe heroes... don't know if this was a taboo, but anyway, I play those four as my inferno squad (usually with a tie reaper as honeypot).
  2. Batman ! Start of my series of super heroes 🙂
  3. Nicely done, good jobs! I like the flying pig vey much. My bomber wanted magnets, because his Tatooine camouflage colours are easily overseen, and the commander of my fleet wanted somethis special...
  4. Hi there, here's my try: I eventually decided to put the magnet on the peg, and glued the ball on the ship. This approach left enough space at the bottom of the ship to do all the glueing. Due to the ships shape, there are only smal angles possible, but you fang fighters are scared is they encounter this 🙂 I also magnetized the gunners capsule at the rear end.
  5. Robeetou

    Admiral Sloane

    Go with my "Inferno Sistas" list: Captain Ferroph with Sloane and 7th Sista, then add the four Ties of the Inferno Squad. Finally decorate all with Crack shots (Seyn with marksmanship). The reaper is juicy and survivable enough, that your inferno squad has enough time to kill anything on the board.
  6. No doubt about any reaso of magentizing this ship - just do it! fiiiuuuummm fwooooshhh Frankly said, I also wonder, where and how to do it, but I also prefer the ring/ball magnets, just because of the freedom to turn the ship in more positions. (Disk magnetes are a matter of taste.) Regarding the position of the magnet, I'd remove the the original pin, glue a big magnet there. I might be nessary to glue someadditional metal on the front part for a better balance, maybe just add a kind of bumper bar. (This inceasese the safety for the pilots as well.) If this works, then you're the kind of the road >:o)
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