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  1. Doesn't HLC negate Marksmanship?
  2. Daredevil all the way, gives you more options for outmaneuvering and time on target. Also since the only option on the N-1 to go 180 in a single turn is a 3 speed Talon roll (which takes away your evade token) and has your ship make a T shape Dardevil turns it into a greater distance with a U shape and you get a fancy evade token since your initial maneuver was white :D. Predator is... ok with only 2 natural attack die
  3. Yes that is how Juke works, use your action economy's efficiency and decrease theirs. I have flown all of the N-1's in different compositions 50+ times and there is a reason why ALL competitive lists that carry an N-1 don't have juke because the action economy fight is not its strength. The strength of N-1s are that it's a cost effective ship that hits fast and out maneuver ships, a pure arc dodger and its an arc dodger with only 2 natural dice on attack and defense (I **** near cried when my favorite ship came with no natural 3s ). That being said the strengths you are looking to increase on the N-1 are time on target (daredevil), your offensive capabilities (R2-C4 and/or torps), and survivability (R2 astromech). My last bit to the inefficiency of Juke on the N-1 is the cost at 7 points and how often it will actually effect game state. N-1s do not have an evade on their action bar, the only way to get an evade token "naturally" is to fly at 3-5 and FULLY execute a maneuver (and not be stressed). So if you are putting a 7 point upgrade on a 35-47 point ship that is 20% of the ships cost and 5% of your entire list, on something that might get activated 1-2 times per game with 2-3 dice (the effective ships with Juke, like Phantom Whisper have 3-4 attack die) and has an easy counter. Its also really easy to prevent an N-1 gaining an evade token by blocking when the ships you are likely putting down a int. 4-5. If your against a swarm of any faction you don't have a prayer if the opponent is familiar with the N-1s capabilities. If Juke was back to its costs of 3-5 points the argument could hold water, but at 7 points for a competitive N-1.... I sincerely wish it was different.
  4. Would have to greatly disagree with a 7 point Juke on any N-1. Much better off with R2-C4, Daredevil, R2 Astro-mech, torpedoes, and even Collision Detector. Even when you do get an evade with the attack, your not rolling more than 3 dice typically on an N-1 even with Ric, then they can just focus to counter. Meaning if you run into any focus/force/calculate centric team it makes the upgrade unusable.
  5. From flying against A-wing/transport lists, you will be fine. You need to fly your generics in a more cagey fashion and use your mobile arc to fire behind you.... a lot. gunna take practice but ive seen it done. Nice list.
  6. Looks fun to fly, plenty of meat for the other player to chew threw. My experience with flying these fast republic ships with the Arcs and Torrents is to use the speedsters (in this case the N-1) as flankers and expect them to not always be part of the formation.
  7. To be fair.... Totally thought it was Arc Nora not Ywing, was wondering why the list didn't fit lol
  8. I'd drop the adv pro torps and load up the R4s for stress management. Pro torps your really only getting 1 extra die if you have the lock
  9. Looks good, you have flexibly with your mods and plenty of meat/evasion to get damage out
  10. Can you usemissles whilst your arc is backwards? Still firing out the front for clairification
  11. My N1 I would be putting Juke on Padme. Since the defender could only modify 1 focus result it severely reduces higher evasion rolls effectiveness Ani is really fun with Torps because in one turn he can throw on a lock and still have the force with re-rolls How I would set this list up -Sinker: 54 (I would personally put Wolffe here with commander Cody at 53) -x2 Gold Squadron Pilots: 50 (or put Wolffe here!) -Ric: 47 R2-C4 -Anakin: 47 Advance proton Torps List total: 198
  12. Counterpoint: Even with opening the points by taking away the delta 7B with those 3 Pilots you are left at 163, not enough to fit another ship worth while other than a Torrent, at that juncture id rather have the original list. Increasing attack for both Skywalker and Obi paired with Padme all with R2s, that's an elusive list that even if any of these ships land in an arc you have multiple options to prevent and recover damage dealt. CLT is great how ever you are relying on both mods (which are limited or can be removed by opponents list) and lining up a shot that isn't always going to be there, even with experience. If you are taking away the 7B I would look into switching out Ani for Mace giving you a list price at 144, plenty of space to add either another Aethersprite (looking at you Lumi [190 with CLT]) or an additional N1 with either Ric or Anakin at 186 with what ever else you want to customize the squad with.
  13. I have flown 3 N1s 20+ times in local tournaments and this is the list I tweaked over those games. Obi Wan, CLT- 51 Ric-42 Padme-45 Lil' Ani (Anakin Skywalker), Col Detector, Trick shot, and Plasma Torps- 60 (Yes this list requires Asteroids) *point total-198 Historically this is my favorite ship from both the movies and Rouge Squadron on the N64. That being said with their stats/dial/point cost I can only ever justify putting 3 on the table at a time. Their action economy and dial find a hard time taking advantage of upgrades since the ship's base stats making most what you put on them situational and in most games you will hardly utilize the points spent. Upgrades that pull weight: R2 Astro, Only 4 points on a fast movie ship that can earn double mods easily Collision Detector, especially if you are leaning heavily on obtaining that free evade action (using Juke EPT/R2-C4) or how I have Anakin built above Torps: Plasma (can opener), Advance Proton (when you go, too fast), and Proton (Who has that kind of money?) give the N1s the teeth they want. I put em on if it fits the squad Other upgrades like Trick Shot (Anakin) or Daredevil (Padme) are pilot specific IMO ***If I were to only table 3 N1s... Ric: 63 points R2-C4, Plasma Torps, Collision Detector, Crackshot Anakin: 68 Trick Shot, Collision Detector, Proton Torps, R2 Astro Padme: 67 (60 with Adv. Pro Torp) Fire Control System, Proton Torps (Adv. Pro Torp for you bidders out there), Daredevil (consider Juke ONLY on Padme), R2 Astro Squad Point total: 198 (191 with Padme's Adv. Pro Torp [195 swapping Daredevil for Juke]) -Competitively I believe these ships cater to the "filler" role to Republic Ace lists (Ani, Obi in 7B with either Ric/Padme). Only Pilots I have not tried on the N1s would be the Handmaidens and generic Bravo Flight Officers, I have a couple ideas but more experimental and fun than competitive. My next project....
  14. For th most part I agree with my boy Magnus. Specifically I'd swap night beast for Seyn with marksman for an efficient way to push damage. Personally with how many times I have flown Vader I can take or leave hate, if u have the points do it. I'm interested to see angled deflectors on Vader, having a reinforce added to the action economy intrigues me.
  15. Personally have not flown the N-1s yet, however I have been waiting since day 1 of X-wing and cant be more excited to see Naboo shine literally and figuratively. A talent I do not believe will be efficient with the N-1s is Elusive, you only have a 3-Talon roll as a red option to regen the charge and red maneuvers are going to be the last thing these ships want to do. Even after you fully execute you do not get the chassis bonus because you are performing a free evade action, which cannot be done while stressed. The jury is still out on AdSen for me (cost & Synergies are biggest factors), why not just take ColDet? I believe it boils down to how you plan on flying Ric, I see him not as a cagey get in your face fighter but as a long range ace that can bait while shooting at range 3 then bring the opposing list for a chase while you flank with your lower ints that don't have the primary fire arcs at them. WIP Bravo Aces: -Ric Olie R2 Astromech, ColDet, Outmaneuver, Plasma Torps -Anakin Skywalker (lil Ani) Juke, Passive Sensors, Pro Torps, R2 Astro -Dinee Ellberger Lone Wolf, Passive Sensors, Pro Torps, R2-A6 WIP Speed and Power: -Saesee Tiin R4 Astro, Delta 7B -Ric Olie R2-A6 -X2 Handmaiden
  16. We, sure did Brian. I swear I am not saying all aliens look the same with a red background!
  17. Cool story? Its not impossible just improbable that your game played out that way considering how many dice and HP you went through with only 1-2 arcs on a ship per round, unless I am misunderstanding how you are flying your formation. I am just going off of my experiences and the premier games online. What I envision to be a good Xwing formation: What I thought you were talking about: What I think you are talking about now?: ________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ XX X X XX X X X X X __________________________________________ X______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ There was 2 separate points of feed back on the formation of flying in a line with a X-wing list. Can you still put it on the board? Yes. Can you still shoot down opposing ships? Yes. Is it the most effective formation for what your list is trying to do? No. X-wings are built for Resistance and Rebel style of versatility, they are not the best at any one thing. However they are better than most in multiple roles of the game: Jousting, Arc dodging, Support ,and Armament (only thing they lack is turrets ). All of this is to say don't rely on flying in such a way that you limit your options in future turns or hang on to a sole strategy with a list. Board-state is in constant change and adaptability with skilled flying is what will win more times than not.
  18. Rofl Rebel Tofu, ADD IT TO THE HANGER BAY!
  19. Redline is an int 5 pilot, I have flown him... a lot. You just don't need it with his ability and makes the bid the value decision. Only sensors id consider of the top of my head would be ColDet and AdSen
  20. This just made it to my hanger bay, I dig the diversity of ships.
  21. To piggyback off of the theme "Plain, respectable squad" X4 Tie S/F Omega Squadron Expert: -Spec Forces Gunner -Fanatical -Advanced Optics Comes in at 200, All you need to do is fly and focus on your average 3 dice roll of Hit, Focus, and Blank. Omega has all the tools it needs after performing just a focus action no need for rerolls.
  22. That's also leaving your squadron spread out with few to no overlapping arcs. Yes you have a shot on half the board area, however 999x out of 1000 1-2 T-70 shots will not take an average ship off the board and gives your opponent the opportunity to isolate your ships. Fly these guys in formation, its terrifying. I have flown against the pilot, Andy, from the Seattle System open with his Jess Pava and x3 red squadron experts and all of those games were only winnable when pushing the break in formation even without Pava's ability.
  23. Can you pair Saesee Tiin and the R2-A6 together? Since both texts say "set dial" id assume you can change the bearing with Tiin and the speed with R2-A6
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