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  1. I posted this a while back. It's mainly UK based but hopefully might be useful:
  2. Hats off to the devs for this contract. Gives the game a whole new dimension. Wonderful stuff. Quick question regarding contracts, are they unique? i.e. could each player use a copy of Messenger of the King in a multiplayer game?
  3. 😄 you have to laugh, or you'd cry. Sorry state of affairs.
  4. So the 3rd AP is announced and yet the 1st AP still isn't available in the UK. Shambles.
  5. Nori's artwork. What the ****? My eyes! Teh goggles do nothing!
  6. I always assumed that there were only 1-2 copy-ies of certain card in the core set because they were so powerful (e.g. Unexpected Courage). I get that they're not unique, but still...
  7. I'm at a similar point in the game as you Vince, moving through progression (I just started Heirs of Numenor). You should give 2-handed a try, I'm really glad I did. Games take a bit longer but they are a lot more enjoyable. Getting some synergy going between the two decks is brilliant. Ranged and sentinel are like new toys - very powerful. One of the best things about it is not deckbuilding for a deck that can do everything, each deck can specialise (e.g. one for combat, one for questing). This means you get to use a lot more cards.
  8. Real cards. One of the many reasons I love lotr lcg is that I'm not looking at a screen (which is what I seem to spend most of my time doing! 😉)
  9. Felt compelled to report that after trying 2-handed solo for a little while I'm a total convert. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I was going to give it a try... I've been playing progression style 1-handed solo all through Shadows of Mirkwood, Khazad Dum and Over hill and under hill. I found a few of the KD scenarios discouragingly tough/not fun enough. Having read through this thread it really inspired me to give 2-handed a real try. I'm so happy I did. It really is so much more fun. So thanks for everyone on here who shared their experiences. In hindsight it makes so much more sense to use more cards - I feel I'm getting the most out of my time/money. I'm continuing my progression two-handed from here on in, starting with Heirs of Numenor. For anybody interested: https://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/7598/ats1perilinpelargir2-handedsoloprogression 👍
  10. I didn't find this scenario much fun as progression solo I must say. There are several game ending cards in the encounter deck. Once I beat it a couple of times I moved on. The starting threat of zero does open up some areas to experiment with however e.g. using some high threat heroes together (e.g. Elrond, Aragorn etc). Also, gives you chance to try some secrecy cards in the early rounds (e.g. Resourceful). I've moved on to two-handed solo since Over Hill and Under Hill (which will be next on your journey I guess) - and I'm actually enjoying the game even more like this.
  11. This thread has motivated me to try two-handed solo out. Gonna give it a go this weekend.
  12. The zero willpower issue is only a danger for questing characters, so it doesn't necessarily have to dictate your deck. Just don't quest with anyone with 1 willpower in stage 3! I found Ancestral Knowledge and Northern Tracker useful cards in this scenario. Also, Miner of the Iron Hills is a must (to remove Freezing Cold). Getting some progress on Caradhras ahead of stage 3 (Snowbourn Scout and/or Northern Tracker) really helps, as it can easily cause location lock. It's a really great scenario, enjoyed it a lot.
  13. Yeah I feel you regarding the theme. With this deluxe I really tried to stick 100% to dwarfs but with the cards available (progression) it's really tough. I'm wary of making it so tough on myself that I'll lose interest. Theme-wise you could at least imagine some humans/elves (Spearman or Runner) coming along on the quest perhaps. I draw the line at using things like eagles inside Moria. I think KD is a bit weird theme-wise, in general. If you're being strict then you wouldn't be allowed to use any of The Fellowship characters (except maybe Gandalf?) here - according to the books/movies. Having read about the other deluxe sets it sounds like KD is a deluxe that stands alone in this sense (which is a relief). I do wonder when they made this deluxe if they had any idea they would be making more - as sometimes it doesn't feel this is the case. The 2nd scenario in this deluxe feels almost exactly like the troll scene from the book/movie - which is both great (I really enjoyed it) but also a bit weird (as it's not supposed to?).
  14. I play one-handed solo exclusively. Not tried 2 handed yet. Multiplayer isn't really an option for me as I don't know anybody else who would be interested in playing. I have all the cards but playing through progression style (up to the Heirs of Numenor cycle). In my opnion, there is no "better" way to play solo, it's about finding what works for you. As I see it with one-handed: - scenarios on the whole are a bit tougher - miss out on using some card traits (sentinal and ranged) - miss out on the greater synergy playing with 2 decks would bring - each scenario usually requires deck building - having multi scenario decks (i.e. one deck to rule them all) will be easier once I have access to more cards I guess - relatively quick to set up a game (this is quite important one for me, as finding time to play is usually tough) - less cards/combinations to manage in your head as you play - I find I don't use Tactics cards much Apart from the odd quest (i.e. Escape from Dol Guldur, Return to Mirkwood) I've found them all to be enjoyable as a solo player so far. I'm planning to go back to some quests after finishing progression and playing two-handed. I quite like the idea that once I've played through all the quests I will still have this whole two-handed approach to look forward to (which in theory should prolong the life-span of the game).
  15. It's an enemy heavy scenario. I found that Thalin + Gondorian Spearman works really well. Lots of 2hp enemies, Thalin takes 1hp off when they are revealed then the Spearman finishes them off when defending. It's actually a great way to avoid their shadow cards too. Mirkwood Runner is also great for taking down 2hp enemies too. Having Dain also makes Thalin quest for 2 instead of 1 👍
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