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  1. Yes, absolutely right. And equipped with Markmanship, I modiy Seynas dice as well. I just forgot that, because my last games were in Hyperspace (marksmanship is not HS legal at the moment).
  2. I think you forgot "... may spend a (flash) to assign..." otherwise, the two charges don't make sense. The should be used somehow.
  3. A good starting point for a mini swarm is the Tie Fighter Inferno Squad. All have ini 4, which is easy to fly and this squad has nice synergies. 130 point is a good price for what you get. Add marksmanship to Seyna, and crack shot to the others. The last 66 point are for any wing man of your choice : Marek,a tie striker, Lambda Shuttle or Reaper... The latter two have plenty crew options. Find your own style...
  4. Gornik

    They're up!!!

    Exactly! Glad to get this one 🙂
  5. Gornik

    They're up!!!

    Hey guys, I'm happy with all these changes, and with the next ones coming in the future as well: we don't need to buy any new ships and can shuffle our lists twice a year with creativity alone! Fun for free 🙂 The only thing I wish is the info of changes in the point lists (before/after), as already desired by others earlier.
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