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  1. a new question popped out - about aiming - i attached a photo, sorry for the quality wanted to make sure i can put it in here - the question is can i shoot from the MK2 left hull at the Liberty's left hull? I watched some videos at youtube where guys explained aiming - first check range then check arc to catch a piece of enemy hull, then check line of sight and shoot. What i wanna know is whether my attack from left hull can cross the hull lines of my ship (just not cross the enemy's hull lines). Or the hull lines of my ship must have enemy's yellow dot within to be able to shoot?
  2. thank you very much all is clear to me now if i have any other questions i'll post here or make a new topic
  3. i understand the mechanics that you can shoot twice from two different arcs so one enemy hull zone can take both attacks (from different arcs) in one round. and MS-1 also is clear to me now. But i've got one more question about squadrons now: specifically about Norra Wexley mechanics - she gives every bomber to make defending hull zone lose one shield on critical hit what equals with 2 hits on shields, but what about hitting target that does not have shields anymore? Should he take 2 damage cards, like landing on the scraps (when the ship has no shields takes 2 damage instead of loosing 2 shields) or the bonus isn't working anymore?
  4. Hello there, couldnt find it in FAQ so i ask the question like in the topic: when one ship has got double arc on enemie's one hull zone, can he fire two attacks at the same hull zone? And by the way one more question: does MS-1 Ion cannons exhaust reinforced blast doors?
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