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  1. Jain Fairwood has ability which can tranform all (or some) damage into fatigue. Question is: If Jane transform all inflicted damage to fatigue does this cancel any conditions that could be placed on her during attack? For example, if Cave Spider hit her for 1 damage and a poison and she transform that damage to fatigue. Does poison still applied or not? And if it's not can Overlord change surge implement to damage instead poison?
  2. I have a question about Leoric ability. It says "each monster within 3 spaces of you recieves -1 heart on all attack rolls. (to a minimum of 1)". Does it happen before you apply surge or after? For example: my red spider make roll with 1 heart and 2 surges. Is it eventually does 3 damage ((1 for heart - 1 for Leoric) to a minimum of 1, and then using 1 surge for +2 hearts) and inflict a poison? or it does only 2 damage (1 for heart, 2 for surge and -1 for Leoric)?