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  1. Bit of a necro, but I thought I'd make a post on the conclusion of the epic saga of Emperor Dracula. Not that he's dead, but the problem is mostly abated now and I wanted to share a couple last clarifications as well as the ultimate resolutions should anyone find them useful in the future. First off, the clarifications: I've spent a bit more time with the books and errata now in the hopes of easing the strain on the gm to reduce having to worry about at least one more player's learning curve for basic knowledge. One of the biggest problems with force Dracula wasn't just the scary healing and damage, it was also that they were an int based character, using the alchemy tree from unlimited power. They could make lore checks and understand signs of impending doom / gain information to make them difficult to trip up, as well as build things like fetishes of fear that could come in clutch and shore up their weaknesses in terms of getting ccd down. So while the power was indeed relevant, they actually were a fairly balanced character in spite of b-lining for this particular build, which was ultimately the real source of the problem balance wise. That being said, we did come to a spot where everyone's happy. The solutions were mostly obvious, but sometimes hearing them out loud can reaffirm a good idea to be as good as it sounds. -We all got together and talked about the direction of the campaign. Dracula thought the campaign was ending soon, so was doing pretty intense stuff that could bring about serious havoc. Upon learning that the other PCs were expecting the story to last quite a bit longer, they've since toned it back a bit and have actively been drawing less attention, lest they invoke (more) attention. -The fear of Jedi is real. All of our faces but one have now been seen by some official during a less than reputable activity. In some cases these activities are very minor, but Dracula killed 3 senators, which resulted in significant bounties on their head as well as the attention of the Jedi. Another one of the PCs attempted to bomb one of our contacts for pay, and was seen fleeing the scene of the explosion. While they haven't drawn Jedi attention, understandably we are no longer on that planet. -Several NPC events have triggered that have required our attention, and dealing with them has lead to an interesting power balance, in which if any one of us WERE to kill the other, there's a good chance there would be retaliation and we would lose out on valuable resources to accomplish personal goals. In character we're basically in a state of MAD, out of character we're all happy with it because it follows the whole system of potential betrayal while being a good excuse for temporary cooperation in-character, despite potential in-game trepidation. Ultimately, with subtle changes such as these over time things have reached a healthy game state and everyone's having fun again. Thanks again for the input, and to anyone reading this with similar issues, good luck and feel free to ping me if you're interested in anything specific!
  2. Sorry, right now I have the beggingforxp sheet pulled up but I know there are extended explanations not on the sheet. How could one find details like that without access to the books? [The gm has them all but I won't be back there until the weekend.] Also, the range is a purchasable upgrade they occasionally use but most of the time this particular character doesn't care about being too close given their sustain, and has been using it in melee. I'm also not sure about the resistance check? I have force influence, but the GM arbitrated that I can't use it on force sensitives because they can feel their emotions being swayed by me. Is it something like that, or should force users instead be rolling against my influence in a resistance check rather than it not working at all and we've been doing it wrong? Or are they unrelated? Sorry for the long question, but I appreciate the feedback!
  3. Thank you for the input. I think you may be right. It feels a bit odd to me, as I've been playing DnD / Pathfinder for many, many years now, and only as a beginning GM have I ever really had problems with optimized builds. But the systems are so expansive that some would call it bloated (which is a problem for people just getting into it, and a blessing for those looking for the most niche of fantasies), so optimized builds usually had answers to them without making the characters feel as if they were cheated. I really want to help the current GM with an answer like that, but it's possible that the lifetime of characters is less than I'm used to in this rpg, which is honestly much more realistic both from a design stand point and the realistic constraints people face in terms of time in their every day lives to be fair.
  4. @Ghostofman We all started with one FD. It's my first time playing so I don't know if that's normal or not. The idea was we were starting at a Sith temple, already having a small amount of knowledge of the force and our relationship to it. And yes, we're all currently sitting at 590 xp after a year of play, earning between 15-25 xp based on how much we get done in a weekend. We're generally a pretty good group about openly discussing things, but the problem is no one wants to bring it up because it might sound like we're more concerned with bringing down a character's power level rather than seeking to balance out the game. Especially when we knew what this character was up to day one, but without my personal knowledge on any of the mechanics as I was fairly new, I had no idea how it would turn out. So it's hard to tell them "yeah you have to cut it back a bit" when they've reached the zenith of their abilities after a year of working for exactly what they wanted, if that makes any sense.
  5. Well, I'm looking for a bit of advice on what seems to be a rather potent combination of abilities. The power level of our group right now is all over the place, we're playing a dark side campaign and our enemies have suddenly become juggernauts, even the mooks / minion groups arrive in swarms, and the most trivial combat is life threatening for every PC except one. However, I don't believe that is in any way the GM's fault. Right now, we have a PC in the group who is effectively a god. With 4 force dice, Magus tree, 4 intellect and Heal / Harm, and 4 ranks in medicine, no enemy that doesn't arrive with such an entourage leads to any point in combat where they're included. However, when they're not included these combats are extremely difficult for us to surmount. If the GM makes combat easier for other players, it makes our PC feel bad for having come up with such a clever combo. If it's at the level it's at, some of us feel bitter because we just want to play to have fun but our builds just don't make the cut to survive with the level of foes we face. To clarify the combo for anyone curious (or perhaps to point out a flaw in it): Roll your 4 force die. Fully activate power of evil for 3 force pips. This guarantees the activation of heal / harm and 2 other pips. That means if you roll even 1 pip on the 4 force die, you deal 8 damage that can't be mitigated by soak and heal 8 strain and 8 wounds, meaning you actually NET positive health while using ability meant to sacrifice health for power. Additionally, even if you roll ALL BLANKS you can still deal 8 damage and net 8 health. However it gets even crazier with the average die rolls, on average with the 4 die we've been seeing 3 black pips. With the strength upgrades, they're actually on AVERAGE dealing 14 unmitigated wounds, and healing 14 wounds and 14 strain each time they do this, or just dealing 16 wounds and healing 16. So.. our characters are simply nowhere near that level. Some of us can do comparable / more damage, mine with unleash at this point is somewhat silly in terms of damage, but our damage is wildly inconsistent and doesn't net us resources. As a result, the GM has to handle 3 normal characters with limitations and the needs to sleep / rest to recover strain and health, while also dealing with a character that simply doesn't die unless they are utterly annihilated. In light of everything, my question thus boils down to this. How do we handle this situation, or is this even a situation to be handled? Are we misunderstanding this combination of powers? Is this the expected power levels and our characters are just woefully unfit for combat? Thank you immensely for your input. tl;dr: Deal 14 unmitigated, heal the same amount of wounds and strain. Is this normal and if so, how does the GM deal with unsatisfied PCs feeling like their character goals are being trampled upon due to their inability to deal with the environment?
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