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  1. Thank you Raahk, I did get my hand on the Level 3 card and it states move or spawn into... Nice... The reason we play the game to advance our agents to the next levels
  2. Rules Question: The Barrier card: if the card is in play in a room the investigators are in, it says that a non-elite creature can't move into the room, how about if a creature is drawn from the encounter deck? Is that also considered a move?
  3. Here are the token bags that my wife and I use with AH_LCG, we love them as we also like the drawing aspect as well..
  4. I love the answer about the Hand Slots and the Arcane Slots... Wife and I really needed clarification on this and already thought the same way. Here is my question: Let's say you have 2 items(one in each hand) and you draw a weakness "The Necronomicon" which is also a Hand slot, do you need to discard one of the cards already in play to make room for the weakness?
  5. Thank you for sharing.. I will look download and get them printed myself.
  6. Hi there General Zodd and Magnito... I am new here and saw the storage box, Nice Job. Can I ask what BGG is as I would like to get the dividers?
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