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  1. With in the same scenario, agenda 2a, the enemies get a bonus +1 to Fight and +1 the Flee. Questions is, when agenda 3a is Advanced does that bonus for the enemies stay in effect or would it expire since 3a is now in effect?
  2. Antimarkovnikov, thank you for the information. Just need a little more clarification on #1, when "skill cards" are drawn from your "Draw Deck" either at the beginning of the scenario or during normal play, can they be laid down to get them out of your hand? Skill cards are not played from a player’s hand. In order to resolve their abilities, skill cards must be committed to a skill test. 1. to make sure they don't count for the maximum number of cards that are in your hand 2. to stay within the rules that the cards are not played from you hand Thanks for your help
  3. While playing the core as we are newbies, some basic questions have come up about Skill Cards: 1. When are "skill cards" played? Do they cost an action like an event or asset? 2. When a "skill card" is used to during a skill test for the agent that played the card, do they get discarded after use or do they stay in play? 3. Can "skill cards" be used to stack? If I have two different "skill cards" with the same icon such as the fist for attack? (each one gives me a +1) 4. If a single "skill card" has two of the same icon, unless otherwise stated, does it count as a +2?
  4. Thank you Raahk, I did get my hand on the Level 3 card and it states move or spawn into... Nice... The reason we play the game to advance our agents to the next levels
  5. Rules Question: The Barrier card: if the card is in play in a room the investigators are in, it says that a non-elite creature can't move into the room, how about if a creature is drawn from the encounter deck? Is that also considered a move?
  6. Here are the token bags that my wife and I use with AH_LCG, we love them as we also like the drawing aspect as well..
  7. I love the answer about the Hand Slots and the Arcane Slots... Wife and I really needed clarification on this and already thought the same way. Here is my question: Let's say you have 2 items(one in each hand) and you draw a weakness "The Necronomicon" which is also a Hand slot, do you need to discard one of the cards already in play to make room for the weakness?
  8. Thank you for sharing.. I will look download and get them printed myself.
  9. Hi there General Zodd and Magnito... I am new here and saw the storage box, Nice Job. Can I ask what BGG is as I would like to get the dividers?
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