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  1. Sounds good to me, stimp. Thanks for the PDFs.
  2. Up to this point I’ve always played the action window at the END of the Planning Phase after playing cards from the hand. I believe this what the rule book shows in the example phasing on the last page or so. Example: after playing a card like Steward of Gondor from my hand I would not exhaust it until the end of the phase and would not use those resources in the current planning phase. I’ve seen others recently play Steward, exhaust it immediately and use the extra resources during the current Planning Phase for other cards. So, Back to the basics...What do you all do?
  3. You can see both versions on ringsdb.com.
  4. I’ve had the collector’s edition for a while now but just noticed on the new card it says, “Attached hero gains +1 attack” in lieu of “Attached character gains +1 attack” as the core version shows. Is this a typo on the new card? Doesn’t look like there’s Errata for it that I can see...maybe I missed it.
  5. I’m sure this has been brought up...but I would like FFG to offer errata’d cards for those of us who have a lot of pre-errata cards. All I’m asking for is a straight up trade. Send in your cards that are obsolete and get the updated version. Don’t have time to read and REMEMBER the entire errata 1.9. I recently bought the two play special edition set and now have a few updated cards that have older pre-errata cousins...which gave me this idea. Maybe you all don’t even care about this.
  6. Are there only two quest cards...1A/B and 2A/B? Seems like most other quests state if you complete the last quest the players win the game. Or something along those lines. Just curious. Thanks all.
  7. Thanks for confirming my interpretation of the rules on this. Good to know there a still players watching for questions like this.
  8. Are characters and/or locations in the staging area considered to be “in play”? What about cards in your hand? I’ve assumed YES to the first question and been playing them as “in play” and using core Gandalf to put 4 damage on enemies in the staging area. Now there is some confusion...please help.
  9. Guys, is this how re-prints usually go?? Very frustrating! After hearing rumors of the Dwarrowdelf cycle reprint I had been checking FFG for them to show up. Didn't check for a few days because...well, family, job, life in general... Looked last night and to my delight saw that several things were "Shipping" and in stock - and now they're out? Surely this can't be the norm from FFG. Very disappointing if it is. That said, I have asked for re-stock notifications from online sources...so we'll see.
  10. I’ve also heard rumors that the Dwarrowdelf cycle may be reprinted in the next couple of weeks. I can live that. Would love to get ahold of the older APs. Thanks for the reply.
  11. So Dwarrowdelf is being reprinted? Is that confirmed? That would be nice.
  12. Sorry to keep bringing up an old boring topic but will there be any reprints of older cycles? I got into the game when the Dwarrowdelf cycle was in print. Never bought any and now it’s nowhere to be found. Not too interested in paying hundreds on eBay for a few older APs and deluxe expansions. Also, any players in NW Arkansas?
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