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  1. I am still happy with what I got so far with 2.0 . Veteran but casual player since wave III or something, fan of scum since release, always refused to buy stuff because of upgrades rather than the model. I don‘t go to tournaments and for casual matches we use YASB printouts rather than the actual cards. In 2.0 I really love the fact they separated empire and first order as well as rebels and resistance. Being an old dude Star Wars is episodes IV to VI for me and no mix of stuff. I bought three conversion kits (own a lot of stuff but never more than the kits were able to deal with) and can concentrate on three factions now. Only drawback is the core set which I haven‘t bought. The most player friendly decision would be a decently priced starter box with all the stuff you need to play, all generics and NO ships. And faction based starter packs for all factions like the ones for the clone wars factions now. So for it looks like I could skip future waves unless I feel tempted to start a new faction, which is not the case.
  2. @Cuz05 - Do you set up all three together on one side ? Whatever I do the enemy AI from FlyCasual seem to always focus Boba and more or less ignore the fangs. And the AI seem to reflect my real life dice performance. Asteroids ? I get crits, AI gets blanks. I attack - lots of blanks. AI attacks - tons of hits... maybe I need to learn how to play more effectively. @feltipern1 are Scurrgs only good in pairs ? Only got one but might give it a try. What to add to Drea and a single Scurrg ? Palob with title ?
  3. I would say one Starviper, Mist Hunter, Quad and two Fangs. Save the rest or buy a mining TIE. Or Landos Falcon.
  4. Thank you so much for this simulator. I am currently sick at home with zero chance to meet anybody for a match. Downloaded, installed and successfully played a couple of matches. Some questions: is it possible to set difficulty levels ? When I let the computer build a list for the AI it will Comedy with anything but „casual“. I could find out how to place obstacles manually, always had to select random placement. Any hint?
  5. Tried this a couple of times on FlyCasual simulator. Nice list, but I still struggle to keep the fangs close enough to each other for the ini boost. Maybe I will switch to Kath and skull squadron fangs for the next round. I generally need a list without too much synergies so that I can get into the game again after a break of over a year...
  6. A year has passed since I played my last match, dug into heroes of the aturi cluster then stopped playing last spring. So 2.0 is completely new to me. Now I feel it is time to revive this nice hobby. Did some reading, decided to concentrate on the three main fractions, and looking for some advice. I got about everything up to wave XI (no punisher, no U wing, no sheathipede), plus scurrg from XII. Mostly only one per type, more only tie fighter, interceptor, xwing, awing, bwing, ywing, m3a, khiraxz, z95. I would like to use scum to get into 2.0 but it seems like most hard hitting lists from 1.0 don‘t work anymore. Read some build topics, but very rarely see jumpmasters, lancers, hounds tooth or M3-A‘s. Instead Slave, starvipers, the new yt1300. Any recommendations for a solid yet not too complicated scum build? Any must have additions I should plan to buy, not only for scum but also for rebels and imperium? much appreciated, thanks a lot for any hints!
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