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  1. The timing must be correct. I dont recognize on my few years experience that did it has ever been the case (wording from manual). As i remember its only the case during battle. You cant spam few cards in a row and wait for other player to react. The correct way is you play card (before combat) then anotehr player can play before combat. Then you can use during combat then another player can during combat.
  2. Its somewhere in errata or FAQ. You are allowed to do this.
  3. That report already happened or will happen? I really want that expansion asap!
  4. I call it "unstack home system". Meaning if you have done already production in home system, but You would like to have no ships there (to start new production in new turn) then transfer action is perfect in this scenario. Also it doesnt cost you CC from sheet, but from reinforcmenets, so its bassivaly free move to adjacent system.
  5. PDS still shoot normaly. It doesnt affect it at all. PDS is after movement. While flagship can move AFTER any ships but its still before pds phase. The reason why its writtent, is because people in TI3 had a lot questions how does this ship work. So it's up to you to decide if you want to use Delta wormhole before moving of ship. Or AFTER. It doesnt affect PDS.
  6. Facebook is better for catching players Anywayws welcome:)
  7. There was a way to deactivate system. Old system jamming was forcing all other players to place token in a system. But this had to be done in strategy phase. What game is missing are 3 VP objectives, "I win the game" objective, galactic council (ofc not 1:1 transfer, but some kind of reworked would be nice). More secret objectives - i totally disagree. In most of cases you are not able to predict which secret is oponent doing, so you are not able to prevent him from scoring it. Espacially that you can still do SO even if you dont own your HS. More cards- disagree. Ti3 with all expansions had a lot of SH(I)T cards. I mean really **** cards which didnt do anything but was doubling the basic deck. So you had to implement house rule to remove 50% of action deck cards and 50% of agenda cards as these were really useless. Ofc If they got any new ideas im ok. Maybe cross color technologies? And ofc they need to fix winnu. This race is total garbage. Their racial technologies depends on map setup. Their racial ability is forcing them to rush into mecatol. So you need to start with speaker token or be on the left of speaker. so - you need good map setup to use their technologies - you need to be close to speaker - you cant have supernova in ring1 on your path to mecatol to gain mecatol as 1st player A lot of depencies for not reliable techs and abilities...
  8. Bad wording by FFG. Someting like YIN brotherhood errata. "you can destroy ship in the active system, to produce hit" or something like this. Overall people wanted to destroy ships in home system to produce hits at mecatol, which is idiotic. Living rules sentece 1) doesnt clarify if you can produce hits to only active player 2) doesnt clarity f you can produce hits to ANY units in the system. (which your friends are sticking to) This is clarified in learn to play which ive already quoted. If your friends still dont want to understand then join any group on facebook or redit which is themed around Twilight Imperium. All players will confirm "my" version of how does PDS work. Otherwiste PDS would be the stongest unit in the game. More powerfull than warsuns.
  9. So you just repeated stuff from TI3. Stuff which was removed because it was not working as it should. Mines are most terrible **** in TI3. Literally 20% chances to destroy any ship? It was making turtle a very solid strategy. Dyplomatic leader on a planet was making it bassicaly unavaible for other players. Unless you had unexpected action in the hand. Shock troops - another small rule to remember. Not viable. Tanks - these needs serious rebuild. Either 1 rollx6 or remove sustain damage. 2 tanks were able to destroy literally everything. Rest are OK, but as i said. I dont want 1 to 1 transfer from TI3. It has to be reworked.
  10. Your friends are idiotic. SPACE CANNON OFFENSEAfter the active player’s ships move into the active system, each player’s units in the active system may use their “Space Cannon” abilities against the active player’s ships in that system. The active player may also use his units’ “Space Cannon” abilities at this time. The “Space Cannon” ability is explained in detail later. against the active player’s ships
  11. You can summarize PDS into 3 sentence: 1) PDS can only FIRE into active player (the one who has place token on board) 2) If there is ANY PDS II in range, go to step 1 3) If you are active player, you can active a system in/to which you want to FIRE.
  12. Step 1 of space canon offence.  Which part you don't understand?
  13. For our group it really doesnt matter who starts the negotation as overall it ends up in same way. non active plaayer could ask active plaayer - start transation with me So now active plaayer will open transation with that player - doesnt make sense for us. So we kinda narrowed it into these 2 steps 1) transation must involve active player 2) one transation between players
  14. tricky question There is a law which adds extra obj to public pool. Lets say 2 of 6 players scored it. Then repeal the law is played. DO these players loose VP from that extra obj? We played it the way that noeone else can score it but VPs are staying.
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