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  1. Does this 3 pip cancel out any attack that could be made when Vader is activated again? So he couldn't attack either time?
  2. Can you do a range attack into a melee?
  3. Alpha 11

    Chewbacca's 2 pip

    If Chewbacca adds a weapon to Leia's attack, does that mean, also has activated for that round?
  4. Just wanted to make sure, but if these are played at the same time, it would be a roll off, right?
  5. Just wandering if anyone has tried to magnetize minis like Sabin yet, that have multi options like different weapons and heads, and how you did it if you did.
  6. Just wandering if the Imperial and Rebel Communtication Specialist are armed. They have weapons in hand, but their cards have no info on weapons damage. And if so, what is the damage? The Imperial guy is armed like a Stormtrooper, so a white dice? The Rebel one has a pistol, same damage as the Officer?
  7. Thanks. I was seeing that icon, but somehow my brain wasn't registering that it was there. Stupid me.
  8. Ok with Force Reflexes, if you use it, does it count to using 1 of your 2 actions, if so, why get it, if you can just issue Luke/whoever a dodge token.
  9. This question came up for me in a game I just played. But with the Limited visibility card, does that effect being able target your opponent, since the rang on this weapon is 4+? Since turn 1 is only 2 for visibility and turn 2 is 3? Does that mean you have to wait for turn 3 to use this?
  10. If a unit tries to go up the side of a building with a ladder, do they still have to role to see if any die?
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