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  1. Do you ever wonder when people buy Magic they think the same thing about land cards? Of course they dont.
  2. There are currently 107 hero characters for LOTR
  3. Assuming that Hero also doesnt change the deck building rules
  4. For it to work how you want the first "one" would need to be an "any" and the "its" would need to be a "their"
  5. Indirect cannot be dealt to yourself without a card effect. Ranged and Melee damage can
  6. All damage to assigned to Qira or Daka until no more can be legally assigned
  7. He gains multiple copies of the power action. Each of which can be only be used once per turn.
  8. It’s on the back of the box as always too
  9. they are quite radically different
  10. Why would Luke be in the game? and Chewie is.
  11. The precedent is on the reminder text of Impersonate http://swdestinydb.com/find?q=impersonate&sort=set&view=card In order for the damage to be moved there has to be a valid target and as characters can never have damage in excess of their health moving more damage than remaining health would be an illegal target
  12. you can only move 2 as a character cannot have more damage than its health - moving damage is not the same as dealing damage so you cannot move more damage than a character has remaining health.
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