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  1. Sorry to get back to this so late. All of the SVG elements you have as a zip file would be great. I'm using Affinity Design and unfortunately as of right now it will not open an ID file.
  2. YUP! I also came from CyberPunk 2020 and Shadowrun. In part that is the simplicity of making runs in SotB is already there with it just being NDS, just hoping that it can be kept that way even when the options for execution are expanded.
  3. Does anyone still have the symbol font for Warhammer?
  4. Though potentially, some of the subsystems should be broken out for their own cards. Particularly if placed behind another layer of IC, Security is one of them.
  5. I love these cards, and this is not meant to be critical of their development. Do you think in the interest of the KISS method of placement and development that creating cards for "Actions/software" vs./and the IC is the primary goal; with cards that list the systems that the IC is meant to protect created as general categories would be an excellent way to proceed? The suggestions that have been posted are fantastic and beautiful ideas. Many of them could be grouped under a single card say: Control Systems, Building Systems, Communication systems and so on. It is making the sub-categories listed on such a card the ones that can be grouped as such. Giving the cards for the protected systems more general utility and not making them overly specific would keep a system layout on the table reasonably small. After all, once past the IC that protects a Hopper's control systems, you don't have to hack again to switch control to a different subsystem, i.e., going from the lift controls to unlocking the doors. It could allow for the subsystems to act more as prompts and not a direct list of the action that could be taken against/with those subsystems. For example (using the previous replies) Building Systems Utilities Backup Utilities Environmental controls Communications (intranet) Communication (external) Connections (hubs/routers/terminals) Security (cameras, sensors, door locks) Weapons systems Vehicle systems life support disable, misfire, acquire new target) Fuel Systems (Speed/throttle) Environmental controls (windows/doors/AC/heater) Handling (Steering/breaking) Weapon Systems By creating just the general category of systems and the subsystems found within them, there is no need to list the specific "actions" that they can be used for when control is seized. They then act more like a creative prompt.
  6. Any chance to get some of the card elements as SVG elements?
  7. Are you going to update the wiki or are you willing to relinquish it to someone else?
  8. Where was the announcement made? Got a link?
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