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  1. Rampage and tractor beam is fun.
  2. Thoughts on this list? Jango Fett (79) Elusive (3) Autoblasters (3) Proximity Mines (6) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Slave I (3) Veteran Tail Gunner (4) Darth Maul (65) Hate (9) Autoblasters (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) Shield Upgrade (4) Scimitar (4) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I've been testing this on Fly Casual (hence why there's VTG and not Zam, cause he's not in it yet.) But other than trading the VTG out for Zam is there anything to make it better? It hits one thing REALLY hard, but consistent double taps has been hard. And kinda need them to go off in order to deal with being outnumbered. That said. Jango gets behind someone, Autoblasters is just insanely good with him.
  3. Ehhh think of it this way. If someone rolls three hits and I blank out, I'll still have my striker. And that's been my experience with the two. Which is why I said it 'seems' that way for me. I do like the named pilot idea though. And yeah, Sabacc is a lot like Wampa, it forces the opponent to either dive on him, and leave themselves open to 12 red dice of return fire, or risk letting Sabacc have his fun while trying to go after Sloane.
  4. Andrasta is nice for having an extra bomb slot AND you can reload the bombs to keep doing it. Especially if you're not in a good spot for a shot. But it's not necessary at all if you go the no bombs route.
  5. I don't think the autoblasters work in the rear arc 'completely' as the rear arc can't have a bullseye. But I think the rest works if you catch someone out of arc and in your rear view. Still I like the ion cannon for Krassis as once someone is ionized it's easier to punish them with the zealous recruits. Krassis Trelix (65) Ion Cannon (6) Andrasta (2) Bomblet Generator (2) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 That'd be what I'd run, and add thread tracers if you can get the card, so you can have lots of options. But might even go ion bombs just to keep opponents behind you or in bad positions. Or drop the bombs all together and have contraband and elusive. That's always a winning combo for getting into a good position and staying alive.
  6. Is that why the critics hounded Kelly Marie Tran with racist attacks because they didn't like her character? To the point she had to quit social media? I mean that's at the very least the majority of the critics of the sequels. You might be have a different reason but you're in the minority. Or more to the point: And yes there's two examples of prequel haters going to far and I hate those people for bullying the actors, but the hate today towards Rey, Rose, and Finn is directly racist, and misogynist/right-wing in origin.
  7. Probably swap concussion for ion cannon. Fangs like be be really close and zealous recruits are great blockers, but concussion missiles could effect them if they do take damage. And ion control is super nice. Also at i3 you 'might' not use slave 1 much so I think you could get andrasta and a cheap bomb in there. Or other nice upgrades.
  8. Ah yes YouTube, where the critics are consistently whining about sjws and promoting alt-right bs. Not exactly quality sources man. The sequels are good films. TLJ and TFA are worthy of being shoulder to shoulder with the original films.
  9. That's um... Just your unfounded opinion dude. The prequels are the forgettable trilogy.
  10. Honestly I think the striker's wiggle sets it up better than alpha interceptors. And they just 'seem' a bit more survivable.
  11. Deadman's Switch isn't that bad considering the squad is either tightly packed to spread arcs and maximize fire OR spread out to not splash each other. I get why CC was bumped up, combined with cards like Elusive it's a great way for Scum ships to get great positioning without losing an action AND stay alive a bit longer. I don't think we have a 'problem' with generics or swarms in general though. A lot of the digital games have let people spam ships, but I think iirc it was GSP that pointed out, "Who owns 6 nantex IRL?" So once this plague is over and we can play more in person I think you'll see more 3 of +1or 2 other ship lists. Or big name, and a couple of generic wingmates. (Like Boba and 2 Skulls)
  12. This works great for me: IG-88B (62) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Jamming Beam (0) Autoblasters (3) Contraband Cybernetics (3) IG-2000 (1) IG-88D (62) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Jamming Beam (0) Autoblasters (3) Contraband Cybernetics (3) IG-2000 (1) Nom Lumb (38) Autoblasters (3) Qi’ra (2) Dengar (6) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  13. The official app is a bit borked right now, as last I checked it wasn't allowing VTG on ships even when they had a turret. So you can certainly add the upgrades on YASB, and there's nothing stopping you from putting EM on Luke. It's just only usable when the s-foils are closed. Or Daredevil on a ship with engine upgrade. Can't daredevil with afterburners cause the boost is not added to the action bar. (unless the ship has a white boost already on the bar.) You probably can EM with afterburners though.
  14. Not realistically though. Best you can hope for is to flank the Eta around your opponent's before your opponent pounces the unprotected LAAT. It's why the LAAT/Warthog works best with slow moving V-19s and Arcs as they can work in formation and mutually cover each other. Even though I still like Sinker more than any LAAT. And Sinker isn't predicated on keeping a target in it's low Init arc, and the arc of another ship.
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